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A few weeks ago Singapore Airlines operated a restaurant onboard an Airbus A380, in an effort to raise money for the airline as borders remain mostly closed.

Well, that’s not the only way you can dine while being served by (displaced) Singapore Airlines employees.

Several employees of the national airline have come together to open a restaurant (completely independent of the airline) — how cool is that?

Singapore’s new “Kevin Khoo” restaurant

Kevin Khoo Bistro is the name of one of Singapore’s newest restaurants. Who is Kevin Khoo? No one. Rather it’s a reference to a popular meme on how “cabin crew” is often pronounced.

The intent of the restaurant is to provide work for those who are currently displaced from Singapore Airlines, while they continue to look for longer-term placements.

The restaurant promises to “provide a perfect outlet for our crew to shine, by tapping into what they’re known for in the skies: exemplary and impeccable service.”

As the inspiration behind the restaurant is described:

“Given the current economic climate, opening an F&B outlet in the CBD in the midst of a pandemic may seem like a questionable decision. But it’s because of this situation that drove its creation – to provide work for those who are currently displaced while they continue looking for longer-term placements.”

You can read a review of the dining experience and see the menu for the restaurant in this Mothership story.

A meal at Kevin Khoo Bistro

Bottom line

Newly opened Kevin Khoo Bistro in Singapore is intended to give work to those currently displaced by Singapore Airlines. While the restaurant isn’t aviation themed, it still seems worth visiting for any aviation geek, given that it’s primarily airline employees working there. I also love the hilarious story behind the name.

Hopefully this sticks around, and I look forward to checking out if/when I can return to Singapore.

Have any readers in Singapore had the chance to check out Kevin Khoo yet?

(Tip of the hat to SINJim)

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  1. Singapore, the country can do this because their are almost no cases of Covid-19 but people still wear masks. Only 28 deaths. For Americans, stop acting like jerks. Wear your mask when grocery shopping and stay at home otherwise. If that is done, Covid would end in 3 weeks.

  2. They have 5 cases a day, very few deaths and a S$ 300 fine if you are not wearing a mask

    Ask an American and they will either say you cant make me wear a mask or its a hoax

  3. @derek Does this apply to Ben?, because he is out traveling and enjoying life to the level he can right now during this pandemic.

    The food looks delicious and love the name of the restaurant, can’t wait to check them out once Singapore reopens.

  4. @ Roman — I’m sorry, but I’m not sure how you define that, exactly? I’ve been “traveling and enjoying life” to the level I can right now? I’ve been in an apartment in Berlin for over two months now. I have made two brief trips to other cities in Germany, and took as many precautions as I could.

    To be clear, I’m personally not in the “you shouldn’t travel no matter what” camp. I believe in largely limiting movement and taking as many precautions as possible (I wear a mask virtually whenever I’m in public, way more than I have to). But I’ve also certainly not been “out enjoying life to the level [I] can right now.” Hell, with the exception of walking Winston, I haven’t been anywhere in over two weeks.

  5. See a pattern here america esp donald and pompeo worshippers? China, vietnam and Singapore, all have authoritarian government, very high density populations, yet better at handling covid. Or let’s even take the allies, ROK or Japan or even a rogue province of china called Taiwan or even HK that people here believe is under siege for their democracy. All of them are better at handling covid and their people have more freedom than Americans now. Hmm I wonder why… They do not see freedoms as means to an end but the end itself. These governments are doing whatever it takes to give freedom to their people. Wear a mask and institute a proper lock down and contact tracing or roll the damn vaccine out and stop playing politics. ‍♂️

  6. @derek – I hate to break this to you, but there are dozens of countries where wearing mask for grocery shopping and staying at home otherwise had been legally enforced policy for well over 3 weeks and surprise surprise, Covid didn’t “end”.

  7. @Ben Turkey, Germany, Utah, my point to derek was that you’re doing what ( little ) traveling you can while still being safe and not sitting home in Miami just grocery shopping as derek thinks everyone should be. Compared to what you were used to pre-covid I’m sure this still feels incredibly confining. I’m happy just being able to go to another state right now and look forward to traveling with the precautions I feel comfortable with, within the safety guidelines airlines and businesses are asking.

  8. Not my favorite city in the world, but I do miss eating in Singapore.

  9. wearing a mask will work only if you also observe personal hygiene. There is no use wearing a mask that cover the mouth but expose your nose. It is like wearing a condom with holes.

    wash your hands, arms and feet often with soap and do not touch your face until you have done it.

  10. Singapore is now doing well despite covid, primarily because we’ve an educated populace that on the whole recognises the value and social benefit of wearing a mask. Bad behaviour is therefore limited. The bigger factor imv though, is a highly effective public health system which rapidly detects and contact traces covid cases. We made all flu related tests free so noone is deterred from seeing the doc. Those who do, have a telemedicine option.

    Bottom line, Singapore’s not perfect but since early on the country learned how to survive as a small and vulnerable state in a hostile region, and tackling problems head on and pragmatically has been our ethos. Wishing friends from other countries all the best as you defeat this bastard of a virus.

  11. I live in Cyprus, an EU country . We have Government degrees passed by parliament which require us to wear masks everywhere in public . Police remind people who forget , but any dissent or aggression by public will result in a Euro 300 fine , or arrest for breaking the law .
    All restaurants , bars and coffee shops are closed and government is paying part of employees wages to keep workers able to buy neccessary food and pay bills . Charities are helping many .
    We have a curfew 8pm to 5am , exceptions for necessary workers with written approval of employers on way to/from work , and people going to hospital and airport . Road blocks on roads out of the cities , and if we have incorrect paperwork we get turned back . 99% of population are accepting the government degrees knowing it is for our own health and future safety .
    Many in USA seem unable to comprehend government authority to ultimately protect the population and we are all staggered at the rapid rise in daily cases in USA .

  12. @Jkjkjk you and others will be able to thank President Trump soon for the record time in which the US has produced a vaccine.

  13. @LH trust me, as neighbors from Indonesia, Singapore is as close to perfection as it gets. Long live Lee Kuan Yew! Father of good governance and even modern china I’d say. Deng and his successors learned a great deal from LKY.

  14. @David, vaccines may be produced in record time, despite Trump’s callous disregard for the effect of the virus on the citizens he is supposed to lead and protect. Fixed it for you.

  15. @David
    There’s already vaccines in China guess what, most of the world will buy from them not some profit sucking pharma. You might not “trust” chinese vaccines but out of 7 billion people, majority won’t be able to afford pfizer or moderna vaccine.

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