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00:00 A Week at All Saints Home, Part Two
00:00 20-year-old man arrested for attempted suicide at Punggol Drive
00:00 Chance for public to try bowling blindfolded at World Para Bowling Tour Series next week
00:00 Winter Olympics: Third doping scandal hits Games, overshadows magic on ice
00:00 A Week at All Saints Home, Part One
00:00 EWL curtailed operation hours gave rail operator SMRT and additional 40 nights of extra time to test and install new signalling system
00:00 Football: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah credits manager Jurgen Klopp for goal rush
00:00 Uber to renew push to expand in Japan with taxi partnerships, says CEO
00:00 HSBC boss scores bumper farewell pay package as bank profits rise
00:00 HSBC more than doubles pre-tax profit in 2017; plans US$5-$7b capital raising
00:00 HSBC more than doubles pre-tax profit in 2017; plans US$5b-$7b capital raising
00:00 Two maritime cadet training programmes to receive S$12.6m in 3-year funding
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: 'Well calibrated', will help lift wages, say Money FM 89.3 panellists
00:00 Japan's Sony to form alliance to build taxi-hailing system
00:00 Samsung Electronics to slash OLED panel production as iPhone X demand disappoints: Nikkei
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Singapore still competitive despite higher taxes, Iswaran says
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: MAS still expected to tweak monetary policy despite delayed GST hike
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: MAS expected to still tweak monetary policy despite delayed GST hike
00:00 Noble's sea of red shows post-restructuring challenge for trader
00:00 How does Budget 2018 affect companies and individuals?
00:00 Singapore property stocks fall on higher stamp duty for home buyers
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Singapore property stocks fall on higher stamp duty for home buyers
00:00 Man attacks 7-Eleven staff after being denied beer
00:00 Singapore to impose carbon tax from 2019
00:00 Singapore shares open lower on Tuesday; STI down 0.2%
00:00 Stocks to watch: Spackman, Halcyon Agri, Serial System
00:00 Heng says budget surplus is $9.6b but IMF says $78.5b – financed by heavy borrowings in housing
00:00 Top ways to go on your dream vacation for less
00:00 Emas Offshore to appeal against Oslo Stock Exchange's decision to delist firm
00:00 Spackman's thriller film 'Golden Slumber' sold to international markets
00:00 Spackman's Korean thriller film 'Golden Slumber' sold to international markets
00:00 AWARE: 2018 Budget lacks vision and holistic strategy on ageing population
00:00 Football: Grigg's on fire as Wigan stun 10-man Man City in FA Cup
00:00 Massive surplus in FY17, slight deficit for FY18
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Massive surplus in FY17, slight deficit for FY18
00:00 More needed to justify Messi, Ronaldo comparisons: Hazard
00:00 Red Bull bank on new look to give car wings
00:00 Company Briefs: Singapore Refining Company
00:00 Lower-income groups worry about GST hike
00:00 Big bills looming...
00:00 GST set to rise to 9% as S'pore plans for future spending needs
00:00 Sembcorp to regroup energy businesses into one unit
00:00 Rochdale ensure romance of the Cup still alive and well
00:00 New grant not a clone of old PIC scheme
00:00 Rotterdam one for Federer's highlight reel
00:00 Format change produces thriller
00:00 Six major challenges ahead...
00:00 A lot more for buses and trains
00:00 'Perfect game' or go home
00:00 Carbon tax will affect mainly large polluters
00:00 Hockey boys gain from foreign stints
00:00 New scheme to train top execs to tap S-E Asian opportunities
00:00 Lowering infrastructure financing costs
00:00 SGX to list successor to Nifty products, work on NSE link
00:00 Athletes' nightmares snap into cold reality
00:00 Cross the fence and expose yourself to a new sporting world
00:00 Watson revitalised after 10th PGA Tour win
00:00 Market continues to recover from sell-off
00:00 Higher GST, e-tax on imported services to come
00:00 Support network for seniors to be expanded
00:00 FY2017 Budget to bank $9.61b surplus
00:00 Thai economy grows at fastest pace in 5 years
00:00 Noble expects Q4 and full-year losses
00:00 Frasers Property to buy 22 assets in Germany, Austria
00:00 Big bills looming and how to provide for them
00:00 Japan exports rise but confidence slips
00:00 2020 Games telecast still under discussion
00:00 Slight Budget deficit on the cards for FY2018
00:00 Near-term measures to ease cost pressures on firms
00:00 Companies Fostering tie-ups at home and in region
00:00 US metal tariffs pose retaliation risk
00:00 Developers could be showing 'fatigue' with rise in collective sales
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Companies Fostering tie-ups at home and in region
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Lower-income groups worry about GST hike
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: GST set to rise to 9% as S'pore plans for future spending needs
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Lowering infrastructure financing costs
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Carbon tax will affect mainly large polluters
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Higher GST, e-tax on imported services to come
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Near-term measures to ease cost pressures on firms
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: A lot more for buses and trains
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Big bills looming and how to provide for them
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: New scheme to train top execs to tap S-E Asian opportunities
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: FY2017 Budget to bank $9.61b surplus
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: One-time bonus of $100-$300 for S'poreans
00:00 Singapore Budget 2018: Support network for seniors to be expanded
00:00 Football: Strong Bayern give Heynckes selection headache
00:00 Winter Olympics: Designer of French skater's costume mortified by wardrobe malfunction
00:00 Football: Five classic Chelsea v Barcelona Champions League ties
00:00 Football: Nineteen arrests in Spanish football match-fixing probe
00:00 Football: UK paedophile football coach jailed for 30 years

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00:00 ANCWL says DA should stop attacking Mkhwebane
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00:00 Женщина-бармен до смерти избила посетителя в Коломне
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00:00 Kuriose Markierung: Wesselinger warnt mit bunten Fähnchen vor Hundehaufen
00:00 Janda cari 'pelanggan' di WeChat
00:00 Avaako Hirvonen tai Herola miesten mitalitilin olympialaisissa? HS seuraa yhdistetyn miesten otteita kello 12
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00:00 USA : sous pression, Donald Trump lâche du lest sur les armes
00:00 RSPCA slashes adoption costs to $29 in three-day sale
00:00 Jameda: Kölner Ärztin klagt erfolgreich auf Löschung aus Ärztebewertungsportal
00:00 Демант од Министерството за одбрана
00:00 POTRESNO SVJEDOČANSTVO MAJKE ČIJU JE KĆI ZLOSTAVLJAO BLIZAK OBITELJSKI PRIJATELJ: Skinuo joj je gaćice, a oni su ga pustili i slobodno šeće Vinkovcima
00:00 СБУ задержала на взятке руководящее лицо штаба Нацгвардии
00:00 علامات “عادية” تشير إلى أن هاتفك الجوال مراقب؟
00:00 Tesla slår jättarna i Europa
00:00 Toblerone releases its first ice lolly in the UK
00:00 Barmens colocados à prova
00:00 Жюри определило победителя архитектурного конкурса на мемориал Небесной сотни
00:00 Elektrikli otomobillere ÖTV açıklaması
00:00 Певица Ферги извинилась за свое выступление — исполнение гимна на матче звезд НБА
00:00 مقتل 5 بينهم قوات أمن.. إيقاف 300 شخص بعد «شَغَب» في طهران
00:00 Названа тема «Тотального диктанта 2018»
00:00 Под Москвой девушка-бармен до смерти избила грубого клиента
00:00 Asjade internet jõudis Tallinki basseinidesse
00:00 Verstappen kan niet wachten op eerste meters in 'agressief ogende' RB14
00:00 Футбольное поле с инфраструктурой в Северном Медведково планируют ввести в эксплуатацию в июле-сентябре
00:00 Bëhet hero në moshën 88-vjeçare, shpëton gruan nga 5 grabitës me thika
00:00 Πιλότος αναγκάστηκε να κάνει έκτακτη προσγείωση στη Βιέννη γιατί ένας επιβάτης «αεριζόταν» ασταμάτητα!
00:00 Five People Killed and Wounded in Jalalabad Explosion
00:00 “Yaxın günlərdə Afrinin mərkəzi mühasirəyə alınacaq” - Ərdoğan
00:00 Beziehung - Langzeitstudie beweist: Diese Reaktion verrät, wie treu Ihr Partner wirklich ist
00:00 Сагадиев рассказал, когда в школах начнут переходить на латиницу
00:00 Պոլսո Պատրիարքարանի խնդիրները կքննարկեն Էջմիածնում
00:00 Amien Rais: Jangan Cari-cari Kesalahan Rizieq
00:00 Nederland moet nog flinke stappen zetten om de praktijk rond rulings te veranderen
00:00 Lenita Airiston rankka tarina sota-ajasta saa ex-missit itkemään – kyyneleet virtaavat uutuusohjelman avausjaksossa: ”Se jokapäiväinen pelko”
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00:00 A Week at All Saints Home, Part Two
00:00 La Colección de Arte de las Américas abrirá en La Tabacalera de Madrid con la donación de Ella Fontanals-Cisneros
00:00 В Беларуси будут использовать блокчейн при регистрации договоров долевого строительства
00:00 Tinubu: APC chieftain's wife, Oluremi, says party 'trashed' him after 2015 victory
00:00 의혹만 남은 성추행…조민기 반박→청주대 구체적 규명 無
00:00 Яскраві фото постапокаліптичного кладовища старих машин на Кіпрі
00:00 В Спортивном арбитражном суде сделали новое заявление по делу российского керлингиста Крушельницкого: подробности
00:00 Apple samo od usluga zaradi 40 milijardi dolara godišnje
00:00 OMi otsepilt ja -blogi: Ilvese proovihüpe jäi kasinaks, mida toob võistlus?
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00:00 Минфин начал подготовку к принятию бюджета на следующий год
00:00 Подорожание газа хотят растянуть на 1,5 года - СМИ
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00:00 ‘ทรัมป์’ ที่โหล่ ผลสำรวจความยิ่งใหญ่ของปธน.สหรัฐ ‘ลินคอล์น’ ยังที่1 ขณะ ‘โอบามา’ พุ่งขึ้น10อันดับ
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00:00 Нафтогаз решил еще больше снизить цену на газ
00:00 Martin Lewis: Why, bizarrely, cutting tuition fees under the current system would HURT not help most students
00:00 У Криворіжсталі офіційно підтвердили, що закуповують вугілля в Росії
00:00 Alltagsfrage - Warum laufen wir eigentlich beim Telefonieren?
00:00 New York Daily News Rips Donald Trump For Visiting Golf Course During Florida Funerals
00:00 ہالی ووڈ سپر اسٹار سلویسٹر اسٹالون کی مرنے کی افواہیں
00:00 Sebelum Mengunjungi Desa Suku Baduy, Sebaiknya Ada Menyiapkan 5 Hal Berikut Ini

The best and worst of Mourinho (JM) versus Conte (AC)


October 2016: Jose Mourinho endured a nightmare return to Stamford Bridge as Chelsea won 4-0, with Blues manager Antonio Conte celebrating passionately.

Italian TV reported that the Manchester United manager told his counterpart at the final whistle: "You don't celebrate like that at 4-0, you can do it at 1-0, otherwise it's humiliating for us."


November 2016: With Victor Moses thriving at right wing-back, Conte wondered aloud why the Nigerian was overlooked by Mourinho who sent him out on loan thrice: "I find it incredible that someone like him has been overlooked."


February 2017: Mourinho tipped Chelsea to win the Premier League, but not without calling them "a very defensive team who win the title with counter-attack and set-piece goals, so I don't think they will let it slip but football is football".


March 2017: The managers had to be separated after Marcos Alonso was fouled in the Blues' 1-0 FA Cup quarter-final win. United's Ander Herrera picked up two yellow cards for challenges on Eden Hazard.

Mourinho bemoaned the red card while Conte suggested United targeted Hazard. "A tactic to play and go to kick an opponent? It's not football for me," the Blues boss said.


April 2017: As Chelsea closed in on the title, Conte offered Mourinho, who spent over £150 million (S$272.3 million)on new signings, a reminder: "This season it's very important to understand that it's not always who spends more money who wins... This season isn't the only season the Manchester clubs have spent a lot of money... Look at the past. It's normal."


July 2017: After Chelsea won the title, Conte said: "Two years ago Chelsea finished 10th... For sure we want to avoid the Mourinho season." The Portuguese responded by alluding to Conte's hair transplant: "I'm not going to lose my hair to speak about Antonio Conte."


October 2017: After United beat Benfica in the Champions League, Mourinho aimed a jibe at Conte: "I never speak about injuries. Other managers, they cry, they cry, they cry when a player is injured." The Italian hit back: "He has to start looking at himself."


Jan 4, 2018: Mourinho suggested that he has mellowed over the years, unlike the likes of Conte.

"Because I don't behave like a clown on the touchline, it does not mean that I lost my passion," he said. "I prefer to (be) more mature, better for my team and myself."


Jan 5: Conte said: "Sometimes, someone forgets what's said in the past, which is his behaviour. Sometimes there is, I don't know the name, but demenza senile... when you forget what you do in the past."


Jan 6: Mourinho acknowledged he made mistakes but declared that he would never be banned for match-fixing. Conte received a four-month ban in 2012 for failing to report alleged match-fixing while at Siena but was acquitted in 2016.


Jan 7: Conte said: "When there are comments where you try to offend the person and don't know the truth, then you are a little man. In the past he was a little man in many circumstances, he's a little man in the present and for sure he will be a little man in the future."