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The current situation of mob justice in the country is quite concerning. Many people have been killed, raped or robbed in the kingdom and we have every reason to be worried. We need to sustain our reputation as a peace loving and secure nation if we are to lure the investors and tourists who could help us out of our plight as we seek to reduce our poverty levels. Currently, when those interested in settling, investing or visiting this part of the world, they are finding that other countries are safest.


What type of Christian country are we if we rape, kill women and children willy-nilly? This is atrocious. These could be symptoms of an angry nation that is fast losing its tag of being a friendly, loving, tolerant and compassionate society. The less said about our ritual murder beliefs the better. We also have many robberies committed monthly, which raises the probability of people getting shot to death while highlighting weaknesses in security to prevent access to dangerous weapons. The statistics of young people dropping out of school to become dagga cultivators or traffickers are a cause for concern.


Many people have long said that legalising dagga for medicinal purposes would go a long way to put an end to this. The country is spending huge resources to fight the war against a plant that could yield huge economic dividends for it. A state of anarchy could prevail if people are increasingly becoming intolerant of those they love or attach no value to the life of a fellow citizen, and tolerance for poor service delivery may soon be met with equal aggression – if not worse – against those entrusted with the responsibility to deliver. Government cannot afford to look at these symptoms and dismiss them as crime. It is quite evident that it’s much bigger than that. A closer look at the cause would most likely reveal that our high poverty rate is a contributing factor. It may also point towards abused children growing up to become abusers. So let us be careful how we raise the future generation.