MBABANE – It remains Matsapha United. This is despite that the team, which bought the top flight status last season, officially announced that they had completed the process of changing from Matsapha United to Mhlume Peacemakers yesterday.
Speaking on national radio, the Eswatini Broadcasting and Information Service (EBIS) ‘Sports Show, the sugar-belt outfit’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Bheka Magagula claimed they had officially changed to Mhlume Peacemakers.

“What I want to announce today (yesterday) will truly make the team’s supporters very happy. We will no longer be identified with a number of names, we have now officially adopted the right name for the team – Mhlume Peacemakers ‘Bogandaganda’,” he said on national radio.
The spokesperson then urged all involved parties to use the ‘official’ name whenever addressing the team.

“We have complied with the requirements of the name change and adoption with the assistance and collaboration with relevant football stakeholders,” he said.
Magagula further expressed gratitude to those from which they bought the status and indicated that they felt no offence from being called Matsapha United as it was rightfully so ahead of officially adopting the proper name.
The Sports Desk, however, has learnt that this is not entirely the case, as the formal process of changing a name had not been completed by the team.

The official adoption of the name change from Matsapha United to Mhlume Peacemakers has to be carried out on August 4, 2019. This will be during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) where stakeholders will be represented.

Explaining the process for a name change and official adoption, PLE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Simanga Nhleko pointed out that the team proposing for a name change would send an application to the PLE.
“The PLE would then forward that application to the Eswatini Football Association (EFA), which will then make recommendations before sending it back to the PLE,” explained Nhleko.
He further highlighted that the PLE would then go through the EFA recommendations and during an AGM, which will be on August 4, 2019 in this case, the PLE would either adopt or reject the proposed name taking into consideration the EFA recommendations.

For Matsapha, Nhleko explained that they received the application and forwarded it to the EFA for recommendations. However, the CEO disclosed that the EFA had not returned the application with their recommendations.

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