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MANZINI – On the last day of the Epic Gig IV Festival, which was Sunday, this publication caught up with one of the main acts of the day, Mlindo The Vocalist, for an interview after his performance.

The festival held at Mavuso Trade and Exhibition Centre saw a decrease in the number of people for the final day of the three-day festival, but this did not deter the artists’ standard during their performances. On the last day, the line-up of performances was scheduled to start at noon, with one of the Freshmen, Skullboi Que, opening up the event. The number of local and talented acts on the Epic Gig IV line-up has been a hot topic of discussion, and on this day, there were over 10 local artists who killed it on stage. The discussion on social media focused on how this show and the whole brand were inclusive of new and emerging talent. Tammy Toxik Dlamini, festival director, was applauded for opening doors for the youth and embracing their dreams as his own. The food stalls, games area, and other merchandise stalls available at the venue were lively even after being busy for two days straight. It is worth noting that on the last day, some corporate and smaller stalls were not available, including MTN and Clere, which were the most vibrant and drew in a lot of people.


Actually, on the previous day, Clere had its staff members give out free Clere products to the public, even their new tissue and glycerine products. MTN also kept busy with numerous competitions throughout the day where willing participants would buy airtime and spin a wheel, which would ultimately win them a prize. The festival MCs, Nomalungelo Dladla and KrTC, kept the same energy and enthusiasm that they had from day one, even though KrTC was slowly losing his voice. They introduced each artist with so much charisma, and they would call out the people at the venue to make their way to the front of the stage. The fans who were present at the venue danced back and forth, moving from the front of the stage back to the stands, where most were seated, as the venue has the luxury of seats by the stands.

One area that saw an increase in the number of people instead of a decrease was the kids’ area, which had go- carts, zip-lining activities, face painting, jumping castles, and merry-go-round rides that were available at the bottom parking lot at the venue. The fun kept going, and just after 8pm there was an announcement on stage by the festival MCs. “We hope everyone is having a good time because we have great news for you guys here. Taking to the stage in less than five minutes is a singer-songwriter and musician who goes by the name (shouting out) Mlindo The Vocalist,” they said interchangeably. All swagged up in denim ripped jeans, an orange long sleeve T-shirt, and topping it all off with a lihiya. He slowly walked onto the stage, softly singing his signature cry, which made the fans go crazy.

On stage, the artist blessed the people with most of his great and most loved songs, closing it off with one of the main songs that paved his way into the entertainment industry. Fresh from the stage, the artist was escorted to the media room for interviews. It was there that he mentioned that he was very happy to be in the country and how it was not his first rodeo with the Epic Gig; he was here in 2018 performing at that show. “I was actually performing at the 2018 Epic Gig, where it was packed and the reception was amazing. I also love the reception that I received today, and my fans from this country are very supportive of me and my music,” said the artist.


The artist further explained that the reason he wore the lihiya was because he was in Eswatini and was aware that he respected the culture. The artist said he is very aware of the talent in the country, and he has worked with Bholoja locally on a song that has not been released yet. The artist further mentioned that he did not stop there, reaching out to Sands for a possible collaboration. Maglera Doe Boi was also fresh out of his performance when he was also escorted to the media room. As a new kid on the block, the artist mentioned how his music reflects growing up in a tough neighbourhood and being very aware. He also said that this was his first time in the kingdom, and he was amazed by how beautiful the place was. “It is my first time in Eswatini, and the place is very beautiful and the people are quite welcoming. My set was amazing, even to me, because if you don’t enjoy your own craft, why should the next person?” he mentioned.