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Life is a shape shifter; anything can happen and a balance in life is never guaranteed; so what happens when disaster strikes or when a perfect life plan crumbles with the dream you have held dearly for years? We have all been asked the infamous question, ‘what would you like to be when you grow up’, and only a few of us answered without giving second thoughts that perhaps more was wanted from us, beyond the premises of seeing a teacher or a doctor when being asked.


We never looked at who we truly want to be, and perhaps that is the mistake we continue to make; the mistake of valuing the possessions that can be lost in the twinkle of an eye over emotional and intellectual assets that we carry forever. There are three sides in every situation, the bad, the good and the truth, and by default to be neutral only means you have supported the bad. Now this takes me back to the question of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’. Maybe you could have been a cop or a teacher and maybe you are the successful doctor you wanted to be, yet despite being all of that you have failed!


Here you are years later, waking up to your dream job without the guts to stand for the truth. So you are a doctor or teacher or nurse, but you are still the same person who lacks courage and compassion for the truth, you lack bravery and firmness. Your lack of these things means you have already cost yourself that profession and the many generations that depend on you to be bold. You have inevitably imprisoned yourself out of fear of losing one thing to gain everything for the generations to come. The atrocities we have faced as a country have cemented our realities in many ways imagined. This lies in the reality that the nature of imbalance says we are on our own and until we face the predicaments that come with our dilemma we will be stuck in that dilemma out of the fear of losing only to gain.

The biggest mistake we can make is to assume the role of a spectator in situations where the truth stands. We become as bad as those who reinforce ideas that oppose the truth. It is my wish that we grow accustomed to the necessity of being bold enough to stand for the truth even if it threatens our livelihoods. The present is a reminder that we are incomplete when we show up for the jobs we wanted if it means that, on a moral code, we are unable to identify the matters that need us to stand by the truth.