TSAMBOKHULU – Pupils at Tsambokhulu Nazarene Primary are learning under a roofless classrooms.

Parents have blamed the dilapidated infrastructure for the school’s incessant poor results.
As such, they now want the head teacher to be transferred and the entire school committee to be axed for their alleged lack of vision on how to revamp the school infrastructure.

The mission school, which is situated near Lomahasha to close to the intersection of Eswatini, Mozambique and South African borders, performed poorly in the Grade VII results last year, recording 30 failures.

The parents are convinced that the dilapidated school infrastructure coupled with other factors, including alleged absenteeism of the academic staff and the lack of qualified teachers, contributed to the poor performance.

One of the classrooms at the school is roof-less after it was destroyed by heavy storms some years ago.
Despite this, some lessons are conducted in this classroom and parents feel that such an environment is not conducive for learning and results in the pupils failing.

Other classrooms at the school have broken windows, doors and notice boards.
The painting of some structures within the school is peeling off and the entire school, from a distance, looks more like an abandoned hostel.

“Our children learn under these conditions and we believe that it is the reason they fail. We have engaged the school administration about the issue but nothing has been done so far. We are now fed up,” said one of the parents.

Another parent explained that the reason they were angry at the school administration for failing to revamp the dilapidated infrastructure was that school textbooks and furniture gets lost and they are required to replace them.

“At the end of the year we usually argue with the head teacher when he demands that we repay lost textbooks. How are we expected to pay for items that are not kept in a safe place? There are no lock boxes at the school and the classrooms are not locked,” added a parent.
The parents accused the school administration of lacking the vision to revamp the school infrastructure so that it could be conducive for learning.

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