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Covid-19 Australia: TikTok star comes up with hilarious way to make use of her passport

A TikTok user has come up with a number of hilarious ways to make use of her passport as it gathers dust amid ongoing international travel restrictions.

The Australian woman, known as Zyneb, shared a video showing alternative uses for the little blue book - all from the comfort of home.

In the clip, titled 'Things You Can Do With Your Australian Passport', she demonstrated how the travel permit is ideal for a range of tasks, including as a mug coaster or a fan. 

The social media influencer proposed placing the document beneath the leg of a wobbly table to adjust the height - or as a sponge to wash car windows.

Social media influencer Zyneb (pictured) has devised a number of ways Aussies can use their passports while international border closures remain in place 

The footage has gone viral, rapidly racking up more than 31,000 reactions, with many deeming the utilisations 'hilarious'. 

'As an Australian I can related to this,' one person wrote. 

'This is hilarious,' another added. 

But some were not impressed.

'You should respect that thing,' one person said.

'I think that you should appreciate you are a citizen of Australia and you are in a very safe country,' another added.

'Please respect our coat of arms,' someone else chimed. 

The internet sensation suggested that Australians use their travel permits as a mug coaster 

But most saw the lighter side of the stunt, jumping to Zyneb's defence to point out that it was clearly a joke.   

'She is clearly having a joke because we can’t go anywhere anytime soon,' one person wrote.

'I'm an Aussie who is grateful that we are Covid free and I can even see the joke. Lighten up!' another said. 

The Australian Government last month announced that international borders will remain shut to the majority of the world until mid-2022. 

But on Thursday it was revealed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will hold talks with with other leaders to discuss extending Australia's travel bubble - which opened with New Zealand in March - to Singapore.

Another cheeky suggestion was to put the travel pass to work, cleaning dirty car windows

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