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My public face is back after botched eye job thanks to a luxury spa

Last month I had a minor procedure to remove skin tags on my upper and lower eyelids, which went horribly wrong.

The NHS surgeon left me scarred, red and bruised – and stitched my eye back together slightly lop-sided. Now beauticians and spas seem reluctant to touch my face, in case they might make things worse. I’ve not been looking for anything drastic – just something to make me look less fed-up and haggard would do.

Grantley Hall, a luxurious Grade II listed gem in the Yorkshire countryside is now a five-star resort

The Solution 

Grantley Hall, a luxurious Grade II listed gem in the Yorkshire countryside – now a five-star resort. In their state- of-the-art spa and fitness centre they have a team of experienced beauty therapists offering a variety of bespoke facial treatments, tweaked for personal needs. Me and my dodgy eye were welcome.

The Treatment 

Two of the spa’s most popular facial treatments were combined to reduce dark spots, blemishes and redness and tighten the saggy skin in the corner of my eye I’d been left with.

After a series of inhalations designed to evoke relaxation, my therapist applied a potent restorative acid to my face, packed with Vitamin C and said to even out the skin tone and moisturise. Next came an exfoliating Vitamin C scrub, which helps softly disintegrate the hardened scar tissue under my eye. Then there’s a gentle massage using creams containing prebiotics – healthy bacteria said to help reduce inflammation.

My therapist then applies a face mask made from soothing shea butter, while she performs a hand and foot massage. When all is cleaned off, she carefully dots spots of tinted moisturiser on to the most protruding scars.

She hands me a mirror and I am thrilled. My face is bright and lifted, drawing attention away from my slightly drooping eye.

My skin appears to be all one colour – I barely notice the redness which previously dominated my face.

I’m even confident enough to venture out in public – to the nearby tea room – without a full face of make-up. And I haven’t done that since my 20s.