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20-year NYPD veteran retires by giving a finger to the department — literally

NYPD's 20-year-decorated veteran literally celebrated Independence Day a little earlier by retiring and giving fingers to the department. ..

Staten Island's Thomas J. Gambardella (41), "Let's Go Brandon," after officially retiring from the army two weeks ago.

The statue Gambaldera aimed at depicts a police officer watching over the child of a murdered police officer.

"I'm officially retired today!" He wrote in a post at the time. "I'm sorry, but from the excuse of s–t's work. Thank God, I'm finally free! ... I'm" some of the people I worked with and the people I worked with. I loved it. But this job is not a friend of anyone. Time to live freely. See you there!

A recent detective soldier, Gambardera, told the post on Saturday that he loved his job when he started. Criminal policy.

"I was a true believer," said Gambardera, from a police family, about the early days of Beat. "I wasn't an s–t bag. I worked on some complicated details. I gave a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But no more."

Facebook post.
Thomas Gambardella / Facebook

The combination of increasingly free policy and what he said is: The squeezing of all aspects of his life that belonged to NYPD made him sour with gigs.

"This is the worst f-king job in the world," Gambardella said. "They own you. They are not your friends. Everything talks about the" big blue family. " They don't care. If I die tomorrow, they won't give sh-t. If something is needed, will not happen. You should just say prayer.

A sullen former officer said he was tired of growing hostility towards the police, calling for NYPD's defense, and cracking down on what police officers could and couldn't do.

"The number of crimes has skyrocketed and police are leaving in swarms," ​​said Gambardera. "Anyone can see it. All this liberalism is clearly a failure. But this is what they wanted. It's a ridiculous experiment, and it's the people who ultimately pay.

Gambaldera said there was a backlash in his posts and photos, but not so many.

"I'm sick," he said. "It's called mouth diarrhea. Anyone who knows me knows I'm like this. I won't give in."

Gambaldera divorced from three children The police said they were well treated under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former police commissioner Ray Kelly, and the general public should be with them.

Thomas Gambardella.
Provided by Thomas Gambardella

"The beginning of the end when they stop strengthening their quality of life" He said. "It was a big deal just to let people know that we could deal with noise complaints, but it's all gone for a long time."

Gambardera works in District 68 of Bayridge, Brooklyn. He said he was elected Officer of the Year in 2006 and joined the army in July 2002. The precincts of Kensington.

According to city records, he earned $ 164,000 last year.

To date, more than 2,119 NYPD officershave resigned or retired. Since the statistics became available, it has been progressing at the pace of the largest outflow of officers.

As of May 31, about 524 police officers have resigned and 1,072 have retired. The NYPD pension statistics obtained by The Postlast month showed. In June alone, 523 officers left, 400 retired, 123 resigned, and the most resignations in a month in at least 10 years.

Of the 2,119 people left, 1,472 have retired and 647 have resigned, 38% above the historical record of 1,535 in the first half of 2020. 

"The majority of retired officers are proud of their careers and services at NYPD," a high-ranking police source told the post when asked about Gambardera.

Several NYPD detectives, now and retired, said they were stabbed and angry when they saw a picture of Gambardera pointing his finger at the memorial statue at Onepolis Plaza.

A retired NYPD detective said police often bought a miniature version of the statue with the police's shield number for the family of the murdered police officer.