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400-pound stingray found in Long Island Sound

This was one big fish out of water.

A massive 400-pound roughtail stingray was discovered in the Long Island Sound.

The creature, which was over 6 feet long and 5 feet wide, was hauled in by a survey crew from Connecticut Fish and Wildlife. 

The organization posted a photo of the stingray on its Facebook page, explaining that the “gentle giants” are typically found along the Atlantic coast from New England to Florida, but hardly ever spotted in the Long Island Sound.

The image shows the animal lying belly up on its back — and the crew kept it that way.

“Rather than attempt to roll the animal over, our crew quickly took some measurements and immediately returned the ray to the water to watch it swim away alive and well,” the organization explained in the post.

Stingrays, which are related to sharks, have a venomous spine in their tail containing sharp blades, which can cause injury upon contact.

A large stingray lays belly-up on the deck of a boat with a man standing next to it.
X / ctfishandwildlife

However, they are not aggressive and only attack humans when provoked.

People praised Connecticut Fish and Wildlife for saving the animal, leaving comments on Facebook such as “So glad the ray was released unharmed” and “Thank you so much for letting that magnificent creature go. You guys are definitely some of the good ones.”