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5 Things to Stream on Fox Nation Celebrating America in July This Year

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At the beginning of July each year, Americanscelebrate living in a country of freedom.And FoxNation may not befree(read below to check out this month's promotional services), but streaming services definitely make a lot of their content independent of our country. Dedicated to celebrating-and many men and women who fought for it.

And no one celebrates like Alveda King.

Alveda King's House: July 4th

From delicious food to even better companions, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece and her activist One Alveda own right celebrates American independence with a traditional backyard barbecue. This year she cooks King's family favorite "Angel Egg" and grills for some cabobs. 

Special guests Herschel Walker and Mary Milben will be attending this holiday streamable Independence Day feast. 

Fame, Good Luck, Family: The new FOX NATION series reveals the legacy of the American elite family

Untold: Patriots Revealed

In a series hosted by Pete Hegseth,founded this great country in July this year. I'm back in the third article.

Israel Putnam, John Honeyman, Han Jerry, John Stark, James Armisted Lafayette, asHegses heard from historiansand other special guests. It was announced that he had made a brave achievement during the battle. Bring their victory to light and bring it back to life. Fans of the

series can stream Season 3today on FoxNation

Citizens' anxiety, in an era when the Constitution is alive Put the spotlight on the Constitution. Arrived at Fox Nation

Who is Alec Baldwin?

He may not be considered a patriot, but the famous actorplayed former President Donald Trump at NBC's Saturday Night Live before 45 resigned.. But like the man he painted over the years,Alec Baldwinhimself became a controversial figure-and one American seems unable to stop talking. ..

During most of his adulthood,Baldwin has been in the limelight both in the films he made and in the problems he caused. Some say that his own life is as complex as many of the characters he played on screens and on stage. 

Baldwin is undoubtedly a seasoned actor, but he is involved in numerous scandals and controversies, some of which can upset his career. Now at the heart of the tragedy of the movie set that killed his young mother,Fox Nation's original workseeks to answer the complex question, "Who is Alec Baldwin?" 

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A big horn sheep stands in front of the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming. (Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures)

A bighorn sheep stands in front of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. (Jackson Hall Eco Tour Adventure)((Jackson Hall Eco Tour Adventure))

America's Luxury Hunting Lodge

Many entertainment and hunting in the country is at the top of some American lists. 

Now,Fox's own Katie Pavlichis looking for something a little different.

Pavlich will take viewers to the most fascinating and deceived-hunting and fishing lodges offered by the United States, so equip them in July of this year. Please pack. From the snow-covered Wyoming mountains to the sizzling Louisiana swamps, check out the scenery, wildlife and top-notch accommodation. 

Student Action Summit

Turning Point USA returns at the annual Student Action Summit and FoxNation offers a virtual all-access pass .. Held in Tampa, Florida this July, the event will be livestreamed for all Fox Nation subscribers.

If you are not yet a FoxNation subscriber, butis attending the summit,FoxNation is offering a free trialtoday.

Turning Point USA Student Action Summit (SAS) ParticipantsGet a 30-day free trial From July 1st to August 31st. If you're in Tampa, be sure to sign up for Fox Nation this summer.

Fox NationShow programs on demand Available and from mobile device apps, but only for FoxNation subscribers.Go to FoxNationStart a free trial and watch an extensive library From the personality of your favorite Fox News.

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