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Drive-by shooting kills 5 years and injures 8 in Houston

(CNN)Houston police fired at cars all night to find people who died for five years. Seeking help. -A year old child and an 8 year old injury.

Shortly after 1 am on Sunday, police officers received a call about a shooting at the 13300 block of Northborough Drive at the Houston Police Station. Prime Minister Chandra Hatcher told reporters on Sunday.

When the officers arrived, I didn't see anything at first. According to Hatcher, police only realized the crime after receiving reports of injured children arriving at the hospital about 15 minutes later.

Witnesses told police that a car was driving rush creek drive west and another vehicle was driving north borrow drive north.

Vehicles moving west on Rush Creek could have had two suspects "beginning to fire firearms ... or potentially fired multiple firearms." Hatcher said he was sexual.

Hatcher said another car traveling north of Northborough had a woman and two children in it. Hatcher said the woman took them to the hospital as soon as she realized that the children had been shot.

A 5-year-old child has been declared dead and an 8-year-old child is expected to fully recover.

The motive for shooting remains unknown.

"We are looking for surveillance footage," Hatcher said. She advised anyone who knew more about the incident to come forward.

"Keep praying for the family of the deceased child and the injured 8-year-old child," Hatcher said.