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All Israeli leaders? Yale Rapid becomes Prime Minister of Caretaker

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Jerusalem (CNN)Yair Rapidis in the limelight I'm used to it.

The son of a prominent family, Rapid, turned from a journalist to a politician{21 before becoming best known to the Israeli people as acting, screenplay, and music. , And even started amateur boxing. }

Now, as the Prime Minister of Israel's caretaker, Rapid is in the biggest spotlight ever.

Rapid officially took office as caretaker prime minister on Friday after the parliamentary Knesset passed a bill to dissolve one day ago.

He is currently preparing for the election and is trying to prevent the former Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahufrom returning to power.

Media celebrity

Despite his short acting advance, Rapid has become the mainstay of the Israeli living room through the news. After working shortly as a print journalist, he appeared on television in the mid-1990s and hosted one of the biggest talk shows of the time.

But in 2012, Rapid changed his course in the footsteps of his father, who turned from a journalist to a politician. He created a new political party called "Yesh Atid" (which has a future), focused on domestic issues and positioned himself as the voice of a middle-class Israeli centrist. He worked on housing costs, ended the exemption from the ultra-Orthodox conscription, and promised to legalize same-sex marriage.

"To unite everything (of our supporters) is that they are Jesus for hope, Jesus for mutual responsibility, and the truth is not held on either side. I actually said yes, "Rapid said at the time.

All Centrism

In his first campaign, Rapid sought to portray his party as open to all Israelis. On the occupied west bank. He supports an independent Palestinian state, but he says East Jerusalem should not be its capital. He opposes the construction of new settlements, but states that existing large settlements should always be part of Israel.

"Yair Lapid is a typical Tel Aviv product, including Israel's major secular cities, major business and cultural centers, and nightlife centers," said Haaretz and economist correspondents. Member Anschel Feffer said. Christiane Amanpour on CNN.

"Many Israelis, including Israelis close to centrism, are probably obsessed with left-handed politics and views, and take him seriously, including many of my colleagues in the Israeli media. They didn't take it. They thought he was a performer and presenter. There is no substance there. This is a transit stage. "

But Rapid's political party said, It shocked Israeli politics by winning 19 seats in the 2013 elections following Netanyahu's Rikud party. Rapid was called Israel's new political star, and Time magazine named him one of the "100 Most Influential People" in 2013.

He joined the government of then-Prime Minister Netanyahu as Finance Minister, but was dismissed within two years and became one of the top opposition voices.

The most diverse coalition

After four uncertain elections in two years, in 2021, he finally expelled Netanyahu and ended him. It was Rapid, who was a coalition architect. He runs as Israel's longest-serving prime minister.

From left to right, the new government has won a majority of one seat, including the first Arab party to join the coalition government, bringing together parties from the entire political spectrum.

But it came at the expense of Rapid's own political ambitions. Rapid will take over two years later as part of a deal to welcome right-wing Naftali Bennett as prime minister.

"Rapid has successfully brought together this extremely awkward, almost unimaginable, unprecedented coalition of eight parties to vote for Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister and maintain it for over a year. For many Israelites, he is the only person who has defeated Netanyahu in the last 12 years and is a great achievement in itself. "

Rapid was appointed Foreign Minister and crossed the world at meetings with world leaders, especially allies of Israel's new Arab nations. It was Rapid that hosted the historic Negev Summit. There, top diplomatic representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt and the United States met for the first time in March 2022 in southern Israel.

But in the end, it was the diversity of the coalition's ideology that was also responsible for the vulnerability. When two members of Bennett's own right-wing party dropped out, he lost a majority of parliament. And the coalition reached a political impasse, especially when some left-wing members refused to uphold a regular bill to give Israeli settlers on the West Bank the same civil rights as Israeli citizens.

In a shocking move, Rapid and Bennett announced last week that they would dissolve their own government, trigger a new election and become Rapid's interim prime minister.

Standing together at the show of solidarity, Rapid told Bennett, "I love you." This is a moment of outward bromance that has surprised much of the Israeli media.

Rapid will be Israel's first non-right-wing prime minister in more than a decade. He now has four months to convince the public that he should continue his work. The election will take place on November 1st.


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Around this area

Archaeologists in the Gaza Strip have unearthed an ancient tomb dating back to Roman times 2400 years ago. .. Introducing the rich history of coastal excursions.

The tomb on the northern coast of Gaza is an important discovery for the Palestinians living in its territory.

The tomb is part of a larger Roman cemetery that was accidentally discovered earlier this year, and Jehad Abu Hassan, Gaza Strip Field Coordinator of Premiere Urgence Internationale, a French NGO involved in the conservation of the Gaza Strip. Mr. says. heritage. “This is the first time a Roman cemetery has been found in Gaza.” NGOs are also supporting work at another archeological site called St. Hilarion in central Gaza.

Due to its historical geographical importance, it is not uncommon for relics to be excavated in this area. This means that different civilizations have moved through the region over the centuries.

Tombs are part of an ongoing archaeological survey for several months, and Abu Hassan states that 40 tombs have been found.

"It's great to protect and maintain this rich heritage of Gaza for future generations," he told CNN. "When we talk to our children about their heritage, they are very happy to see people coming from everywhere (in Gaza)."

According to Palestinian officials in Gaza. The tombs stand out because of the social status of the people they belonged to.

"Some of the tombs were adorned with elegant decorations," Mohammed Kara, Deputy Secretary of Tourism and Ancient Affairs of Gaza, told the QudsPress news agency. "This indicates that they belonged to a person who had social and administrative status in Roman society at the time."

According to Quds Press, the ministry maintains the site. He said he was in the process of securing the necessary funds to do so.

Interest in protecting tombs is Anthedon, the first port in Gaza and a landmark that played an important role in connecting the territory to Europe thousands of years ago. } (Brakiya) It originates from a location near the harbor. ..

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