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The White House's war on business sweeps the week on FBI TV and other commentary

From right: The White House's war on business

"America's CEO is dumping" - 82 inches high when President Donald Trump resigns did.Lament Liz Peake of The Hill. And ``Who can blame them?'' A weakening economy, Fed rate hikes, and the White House ``bashing'' industries - sabotaging that ``green new world'' They are attacking companies that do nothing, pushing an agenda that protects workers, “concentrating investment capital” in favorable sectors, and “overpaying the workplace.” Diversity Mandate” and demanding more public disclosure. "Oh, and tax increases." "America's recovery from the Great Recession was the slowest on record." I'm sorry." It looks like Joe Biden is on the same path.”

Iconoclasts: FBI TV sweep week! Almost every minute, the media has acted as a shameless united front," says TK News' Matt Taibbi,. gave breathtaking, exaggerated, eerily synchronized commentary. dial down. If you've "never seen this level of threat" by the weekend, then you've heard more or less the same words "on multiple channels from a host of former security officials." The net simply ignores the lies of these "experts"  . So, ``besides China Central Television's American analogues and Rossiya-1, what should the public watch when all this is heard?"

2024 Watch: Trump and Biden's Codependence

If the FBI's Mar-a-Lago investigation leads to the January 6 crimes against Donald Trump, the Justice Department Once undiscovered, "one incidental cost" is the ex-president's "extreme joy at being put back in the central ring of the American political circus, and his codependent Joe Biden and Democrats." It will be an extreme pleasure. Trump has become the Republican nominee,Holman W. Jenkins of The Wall Street Journal, Jr. polls show most Americans "do not want a rematch between Biden and Trump" or Shows 'I don't want the baggage of these two old ones. Men will rule our politics for the next two years...but definitely two do': Trump and Biden said, "Otherwise, history and voters will find themselves fleeing from them."

From left: The Truth About Rushdie

Salman Rushdie is Islamic Despite being accused of phobias, she "respected Muslims" claims Katha Pollitt of The Nation.Everyone of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims Since he did not anticipate the attempt to kill him, "he led an increasingly normal public life". It's not about anger at "racism", but about "religious fanaticism organized and rewarded by theocratic Iran". "We expect religious Christians and Jews to put up with being offended as the price of freedom of speech and living in a multicultural society, and we condemn them when they don't. 'So why should we look differently at the fanatics among the Islamist tyrants and their followers?'

Media Desk: Journo Unions' Secret Ties

Nearly 99% of the $14.9 million of Communication Workers of America, a member of 16,000 editors and reporters, has been “fed into politicians since 2020.” RealClearInvestigations According to James Varney of, however, ``the relationship between journalists and unions is seldom revealed in their coverage of labor issues... Neither do the reporters who fund the . So why no official recognition? According to one union member and expert in journalism ethics, it was "the credibility of an article can be undermined by a variety of factors, and the memo that a reporter is a union member is better left open." This is because it may issue a warning that 

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