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Michigan school shooter Ethan Cranby accused of running for parents' trial

Accused Michigan school shooter Ethan Cranby hasinvoluntary mansions of his parentsIt became clear that he was planning to run for. Monday.

James and Jennifer Crumbley's lawyers said at a hearing at the Oakland County Circuit that teens would be asked about "external issues." Killed four people.

"I need him as a witness to this trial," said Shannon Smith, who represents Jennifer Cranby. "There is a specific question we can't ask. We understand that."

Calling a teenager to the stand says, "The defendant puts his son under the bus. It's not about throwing it in or making it look bad. " "This is about our clients defending the case," Smith added when asked by the court.

At a hearing on Monday, Judge Cheryl Matthews also ruled on some unresolved pretrial issues, including destroying the evidence that the prosecutor wanted to present. Did.

Attorneys for Jennifer and James Crumbley revealed that their client's son — alleged school shooter Ethan Crumbley — will testify in their involuntary manslaughter trial.
Joseph Ares / Detroit News via AP
Crumbley will only be questioned on "extraneous matters" at the trial.
Oakland County Sheriff's Office via AP, File

She maintains a messy house with crumbles, uses marijuana, and drinks alcohol. I realized that the details about the crumble were irrelevant to the incident. Not admitted in court,Detroit Fox 2 reported.

Similarly, Matthews has abandoned evidence talking about the couple's reported marital problems, including the alleged case of Jennifer Cranby.

James and Jennifer Cranby were charged with involuntary mansions for buying a gun for their son in the days leading up to the shooting , and his feared behavior. It is alleged that he did not take any action when he was warned about. Their trial is tentatively scheduled to begin in October.

Crumbley allegedly killed four people in a shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan on November 30, 2021.
Detroit News via Todd McInturf / AP

Ethan Crumbley, now 16,Faced with murder, he will be tried forin January.

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