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Activists glue themselves to a copy of Leonardo's "Last Supper" and add to a series of similar protests

AuthorJacquiPalumbo, CNN

A group of climate activists who confused and sent major galleries this week UK The message to the government has arrived again-This time at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

On Tuesday morning, a Just Stop Oil (JSO) demonstrator contained a copy of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper," believed to have been painted by two students of the Italian Renaissance master. I glued it to the frame. .. Activists also sprayed white with a request for "no new oil" under the painting, a gallery spokesman confirmed to CNN.

Leonardo initially created The Last Supper. This is a fresco of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan from 1495 to 1497, depicting the moment when Jesus announced that he would betrayed by twelve disciples. A copy of the demonstrator-owned painting, credited to Jean-Pietrino and Giovanni Antonio Boltrafio, was painted about 15 years later.

Just Stop Oil protesters urge the UK to block future oil and gas mining permits and warn of a harsh future if measures are not taken to delay the effects of climate change. I'm asking the government.

Climate protestors glued themselves to a copy of the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting.

Climate change protesters have glued a copy of the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting. Credits:James Manning / PA Images / Getty Images

According to The Independent, gallery protestersareThe government told Jesus' traitor Judas, and because the future is "darker than ever," Just Stop Oil chose this "magnificent and beautiful picture."

According to the gallery, the four protesters stayed in a room containing paintings that were not open to the public for demonstrations for more than three hours before being removed by police. A spokeswoman added that the condition of the painting was evaluated by the Royal Academy's publicist.

This protest is the fifth time a member of the group has turned to the famous artwork in a series of demonstrations last week. Previous incidents involved Vincent van Gogh's work at the Courtauld Gallery in London and JMW Turner's paintings at the Manchester Art Gallery. Just Stop Oil also confused F1's British Grand Prix, sitting at Silverstone Racecourse on Sunday.

CNN reported that a recent protest took place Monday at the National Gallery in London. There, activists covered and glued John Constable's famous landscape painting, The Hay Wain, with a modified image. Hand on the frame. Their vision of painting the countryside of Suffolk replaced the river with paved roads, including factory chimneys and planes overhead. The group warned that the natural beauty of some of the landscapes they chose is at serious risk due to climate change.
The group modified a John Constable painting on Monday before attaching themselves to the frame. JSO has glued themselves to the frames of five paintings in the past week.

The group modified John Constable's painting on Monday and then attached it to the frame. JSO has glued to the frames of five paintings in the past week. Credits:Kirsty O'Connor / PA Images / Reuters

Just Stop Oil is demonstrating at the National Gallery with Hannah Hunt and Eben.・ Lazaro. The Metropolitan Police has previously confirmed to CNN that the two had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and subsequently released on bail until further investigation was conducted.

After a recent protest at the Royal Academy of Arts, Just Stop Oil has issued astatementthat identifies some of the protesters. Lucy Porter, a 47-year-old former teacher, said, "We don't have time to lie. We have to stop all new oil and gas right now. It's going to confuse art institutions right away. The government has made a meaningful statement to do so. Until then, the turmoil continues and young people can see that we are doing everything we can for them. I have nothing I want to do. "

Another member, a 21-year-old art student, Jessica Agar, has made an additional request to the arts institution to participate in their objectives.

"If the director of this gallery really believes that art has the power to change the world, he insists on it and shuts it down until the government promises not to use new oil. I demand that you refuse to open, "she said. ..

The Royal Academy of Arts did not comment on the agar request to close the gallery.