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Afghanistan prepares for cholera, outbreak of illness after an earthquake that killed 1,000 people

Kabul / Afghanistan WakariEasternThousands affected by a deadly earthquake in AfghanistanPeople Need Cleaning Afghan Health Ministry officials said water and food were at risk of illness on Sunday, a few days after UN agencies warned about the outbreak of cholera in the area. ..

Wednesday'searthquakekilled at least 1,000 people, injured 2,000, and destroyed 10,000 homes, the United Nations Office for the Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) aftermath The outbreak of cholera in Japan is a particularly serious concern.

"People are in great need of food and clean water," said Sharafat Zaman, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Health.

"We ask the international community, humanitarian organizations to help us for food and medicine, as they do not have the proper homes and shelters for their lives. , Survivors may get sick, "he said.

This disaster is a major challenge for Afghan hardline Taliban rulers. Since taking control of the country last year, they have been shunned by many foreign governments due to human rights concerns.

Supporting thousands of Afghanistan imposes sanctions on Afghan government agencies and banks, cuts off direct support, and leads to humanitarian crises even before the earthquake. It's a big challenge.

The United Nations and several other countries are rushing to help affected areas and will arrive in the coming days.

The Taliban administration in Afghanistan called for the withdrawal of sanctions and the unfreezing of billions of dollars in central bank assets hidden in western financial institutions.

In Kabul, hospitals accustomed to treating war victims have opened their wards to earthquake victims, but the majority remain in areas destroyed by the earthquake. ..

"Our house is destroyed, there are no tents ... there are many children with us. We have nothing. Our food and clothes ... Everything is under the rubble, "Hazrat Ali, 18,. It is located in Wakali, the village in the Bamar district that suffered the most damage.

"I lost my brother, my heart is broken. Now we are only two. I loved them very much," he said.