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Before July 4th, America answers: Are you proud to be an American?

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We shared with Fox News whether citizens across the United States are proud to be Americans.

"Yes, I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud to be an American because there's no other world like us." Said the melody.

However, Chloe of Washington, D.C. told Fox News: I'm proud to be an American in terms of what happens to us.

Less than 40% of registered voters say they are proud of the country because the Republicans and the majority of independents are dissatisfied.According to a Fox News survey released Thursday. This is a 12 point drop from 2017 and a 30 point drop from 2011.

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Nate, a Navy veteran, tells Fox News why he loves America. (Fox News Digital/ Jon Michael Raasch)

Navy veteran Nate tells Fox News why he loves America. (Fox News Digital / Jon Michael Raasch)

"Where do you want to go, except here in the United States?" Navy veteransaid Nate. "The freedom we all share and we all have, and it's probably one of the greatest nations in the world."

Young man Benjamin told Fox News as well. : "We are given the opportunity to have a birth that other people in other countries have not been given. Living here is a luxury."

But Barbra, Connecticut, said "I'm not as proud as I used to be, but I'm sure it will improve in the future," he said. 

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{with your family A woman standing 51} Washington, D.C.'s World War II Memorialshared similar feelings.

"This is a place where we can live freely, regardless of our color, race, or marriage partner," she told Fox News. "It's a place where we can live freely and raise our families." 

A family of three discusses why the loves the country while enjoying a day at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (Fox News Digital/ Jon Michael Raasch)

A family of three enjoys a day at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., discussing why they love the country (Fox News Digital / Jon Michael Raasch)

Anna, Kansas, said she was "sometimes" proud to be an American, but "recently so much." 

Why she is America When asked if she loved her, Anna replied, "Next question."

San Francisco-born Liam said, "I don't like America because of the history of genocide and slavery."

However, Robert said he loves the United States because of his "freedom" and ability to "chase the American dream."

Fireworks explode over the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall during Independence Day celebrations in Washington, DC on July 4, 2021. 

Fireworks explode at the Lincoln Memorial at the National Mall To do. Independence Day celebration held in Washington, DC on July 4, 2021. (Photo by ROBERTOSCHMIDT / AFP via Getty Images)

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Brian, from theLincoln Memorial stairs, America is not perfect, but there is no country.

"Overall, I think we have much more than many other countries offer," he said. 

New Yorker Lori told Fox News:

Fireworks explode over New York City. (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Fireworks explode in New York City. (Photo courtesy of Gary Hershorn / Getty Images)

Angelo, standing at the National Mall, told Fox News, "I love America because people from different perspectives can communicate with each other. It's not a luxury in other countries. "

William repeated Angelo's remarks.

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"Much more than us in other countries "It's bad," he said near the Washington Monument. "I love to wake up to our country knowing that I can walk around and basically have the right to do what I want to do within the limits of the law."

A grandmother named Cindy told Fox News, "I love the country."

"I love the freedom we have and we love the differences we have and hopefully we can be with those differences," she continued. rice field. 

Isabel McDonnell from New York City and John Michael Lars from Washington, D.C.

Victoria Barara contributed to this report.