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Alec Baldwin and Woody Allen's Train Wreck Live Stream Show

If two radioactive celebrities talk, do they really make a noise?

Sure, Alec Baldwin and Woody Allen aren't. They talked on Instagram this week about related fares at the expense of streaming, such as Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, and the end of the movie "House."

Of course, Amazonwas ready to pay Allenuntil Ronan, Dylan, and Mia Farrow reminded the world of how disgusting he was. It wasn't done. He believes he molested Dylan as a child— The grooming and marriage of his stepdaughter is difficult to overtake).

Nor was there any mention of Baldwin's own worst scandal, hisdeadly shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while filming the "Last."In addition, on Instagram, about his subsequent accusations of this young wife and her mother's own death, and their perfectever-expanding family with the fake Spanish wife Hilaria. His constant glory.

It was just Alec and Woody.Two malignant narcissists shot a breeze, indulging in the idea that everyone cares about what they say.

Wit: Here, once a world-famous director and former movie star was working on a live stream. Allen's WiFi signal has dropped twice. Such an experienced filmmaker would think that a young, hungry, tech-savvy intern is at hand to prevent such newcomers from making mistakes. Who wants to get closer to these two in the young, awakened, post-Harvey generation?

Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen
Instagram / alecbaldwininst a

And the design, wardrobe, and personality of the set How about your presentation? For 86 years, Allen sat at a formal dining table with outdated wooden chairs and sought technical assistance from a middle-aged assistant. She couldn't even log off properly.

Baldwin, shining from the Hamptons, was ruddy, puffy, and barely visible together. He wore a dirty sun visor indoors, the Titleist logo was read backwards on the screen, his white hair was messed up, and his anger was barely suppressed.

Queue the moment Baldwinyells at the female staff in Spanish. His wife isn't really Spanish, so I'm really wondering how deeply delusions are happening in Baldwin's home.

No, Hilaria was revealed long ago as Rachel Dolezal of the Hamptons ("What do you say cucumber?", Never forget). She laments the difficulty of being so misunderstood.

The victim is the cloak that Baldwin and Allen love. Courage and rebellion are their papier-mache tigers.

"I'm not interested in anyone's judgment," Baldwin posted about this filthy encounter. "I'm obviously someone who has his own beliefs and can't mind anyone's speculation. You believe that the proceedings should be done in the way ofin the HBO documentary. If so, that's your problem. "

Baldwin is facing multiple civil proceedingsand could be his own criminal proceeding. He doesn't know it from this little confab. Related to these particular monsters, including murder, incest, child sexual abuse, mental instability, anger management issues, as well as cultural irrelevance, the risk of unemployment in Hollywood and social paria in general. Everything you do is not mentioned.

It's no wonder that there are 3000 people who have seen it live. Woody Allenand Alec Baldwin, the two blameable stars angry at their light death are over.

Or, quoting Baldwin to the embarrassed housework staff:”

Sure, it's enough.