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Over the years, Marilu Henner has maintained her uplifting personality

Leading Female

Known Marill Henner — "Grease," TV's " Taxi's 9 movies, under 54, Roxy has written a book on the show 'Chicago'. She is the most uplifting and positive person on earth.

"I started in Chicago backyard dance schools, kitchen beauty shops and art classes. I had a plan, but I thought it wouldn't work: I turned into "Grease" and made $325 a week. My mother didn't see it because I said f–k 7 times.

She has just finished Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson and Disney's movie "Haunted Her Mansion", and three I found time to spend with my husband.

"My last husband. Marriage is like making waffles. You throw away the first batch. I have a rare memory. My body, my measurements, more Excellent.I'm giving up meat, dairy, plant-based and 54 pounds lighter than I ever have been.I'm working and busy but I appreciate it all."

Jeff's 'world' is dinosaurs

Jeff Goldblum. he was a fly A hawk of apartment listings on TV. Now he's talking about his Nat Geo reality show "Jeff He's the World by Goldblum"."

Jeff: "It was the most delicious thing ever. It's about being who I really am—not pretending I know more than I do. They Take me off the leash Who knows what that means Go see it and tell me

Jeff Goldblum stands in front of a Jurassic World sign.
Horst Galuschka/DDP via ZUMA Press

George Washington's September 17, 1796 Farewell to the United States,” said: In situations where your thirst for success fosters a critical spirit, you are often discouraged.

Referring to "this glorious country," he said: Discount anything that might even suggest suspicion that it might be abandoned anyway. And I frown indignantly at the first dawn of an attempt to alienate one part of our country from another, or to weaken the sacred ties that now bind its parts together.

"Citizen by birth or choice . . . [the] nation has the right to focus your affections on the name of an American . .

"There will always be reason to distrust the patriotism of those who seek to undermine the band in either region...don't listen to those advisers. .who would separate them from their brethren and link them with the aliens.”

Also this:

``Government for the whole is essential. , no matter how strict, cannot be a suitable substitute....

"The unity of government that makes you up as one nation is also dear to you." It is right, because it is the main pillar of your true independence…your security, your prosperity, the very freedom building that you value.”

Turn on America.

Larry Ameros, 11 years older, once went here to his street cart for the old coffee he used every day for two years. Before his order, the old coffee pourer said, 2 cups of coffee, cream, no sugar, butter roll. ''

Okay? Only New York, children, only New York.