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Amanda Seyfried recalls an unpleasant nude scene at the age of 19: "I want to continue my work"

Amanda Seyfried has been acting for decades. After many years in this industry, I share some disturbing stories. Jennifer's Body,Mean Girls and most recently The Dropoutactress} told Porter magazine about some disturbing incidents early in her career before #MeToo rocked Hollywood.

Seyfried said he came out of his pre-#MeToo days "pretty unscathed," but recalled one of his teenage memories and now as an adult sees it differently.

"Are you kidding me, at 19, walking around without underwear? How did you let that happen?" She asked herself, according to Porter. "I know why. I was 19 and I didn't want to upset anyone, so I wanted to keep working. That's why." Although she didn't specify the set she was referring to, this isn't the first time she's pointed out an unpleasant past experience in Hollywood. came after sharing the terrible aftermath of the role of the iconic Mean Girls . She can predict her weather with her chest.

Karen, a ditzy member of the Mean Girlsclique, grabbed her chest during the infamous scene in the 2004 film and repeated the line: It's already raining." The rain was clearly pouring down on her.

Seyfried toldMarie Claire that she received negative reactions from boys who had seen the film, and that when she asked about the weather, she said. She told the magazine: I was like 18. It was just awful. Since appearing in

 Mean Girls, Seyfried has had an impressive and respected career in film and television. She secures herself and her job.

"She has a level of respect that she has never felt so completely around her," she said. “It has nothing to do with any level of fame, recognition, or critical acclaim. Not because I've seen the movie, I'm 36 and I know who I am, so I'm respected."