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Amtrak trains derailed after colliding with a dump truck in Missouri. Multiple injuries reported

Amtrak trains from Los Angeles to Chicago on Monday after colliding with a dump truck at a public intersection in Missouri. Amtrak said he had derailed. Amtrak said it received an "early report" of the injured, although the number of injured was not clear. 

Amtrak said a train carrying about 243 people collided with the truck at around 1:42 pm in Mendon, Missouri (about two hours northeast of Kansas City). In local time, "several" cars derail. The service said the local government is working to assist passengers. 

The University of Missouri Healthcare, a hospital in Columbia, Missouri, said it was accepting three patients from the derailment, but said the numbers could change.

Missouri Highway Patrolstated thatabout eight cars had derailed. 

The photo appears to show passengers outside the fallen Amtrak car.  Rob Nightingale

Amtrak did not provide additional information about the collision or condition of the train and its passengers. However, in the photos and videos, multiple cars were lying sideways, with passengers appearing to be sitting on top.and another videoshow passengers comforting each other from inside a fallen train. 

Breaking news 🇺🇲: Video showing the aftermath of a train derailment in Missouri, USA

♦ ️#AmtrakAfter a train crash A derailed dump truck near Mendon in central Missouri.

— Zaid Ahmd  (@realzaidzayn)June 27, 2022

Sam Graves, who represents Parliamentarian Mendon, said he was"watching closely" for derailments.

Missouri Governor Mike Parsonsaid he was "sad" to hear the derailment, "Missouri Department of Public Safety, Missouri Highway Patrol, and other emergency management personnel. We are responding. Please pray with us to the Missouri people for all those affected. ”

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