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Angle: Fear of the United States

Time and violent mental illness of young people We must evoke the energy of fear of false problems while hiding the truth about the growing tragedy.

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham digs deeper into the possible link between violence and cannabis use in a confession at the beginning of Tuesday's "Ingraham Angle".

The 4th July parade shooting that killed seven suspects arrested in Illinois

Ingraham:Increased violent behavior among young people andRegular and sustained use of cannabisThere is increasing scientific evidence that it is related to . So, if the media wants to spend time scaring people, what is the focus away from scaring young people? What makes sense? What is really useful? Scar them not to use this medicine as young people. But I tell you, the pot industry is very well funded, and it's even protected by some high-ranking Republicans. Remember that after former Speaker of the House John Bener opposed the legalization of cannabis, he saw cannabis being made and he joined the cannabis company's advisory board. … So Big Weed uses high-paying cannabis-pushing media allies and social media influencers to trash anyone who doubts the crazy rush to legalization. ... I don't care because they are pushing the pot against our kids. We seek answers and accountability. These are the eyes of themass murdererand are reported to be regular pot users. Look at them. Political and media people spending their time and energy fearing false problems while hiding the truth about the growing tragedy of our youth's violent mental illness. They must be called. They have to be defeated. And the people have to be educated. And parents-this means you need to participate in the game.

Shana Gutman and her mom Eadie Bear, lifelong residents of Highland Park, Illinois, take a look at the Central Avenue scene Tuesday, July 5, 2022, the day after a mass shooting at the Fourth of July parade.

Shana Gutman and his mother Eadie Bear, Illinois For Lifelong Residents of Highland Park, watch the scene on Central Avenue on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, the day after the shootings at the parade on July 4. (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune / Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

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