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The "anti-democratic" Supreme Court "ridicules the will of the people," claims Ezra Klein of the New York Times.

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New York Times Opinion Columnist Ezra Klein defended the Supreme Court's claim to undermine the legitimacy ofin an article on Thursday.

"Dobbs isn't the only reason to question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court," Klein's headline read.

He argued that the courts were no longer nonpartisan institutions and that judges made their decisions to benefit the party that appointed them. "The era of American norms is over. This is the era of power," Klein warned.

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WASHINGTON D.C. - JUNE 23: Outside the Supreme Court Thursday morning ahead of possible announcement on Dobbs v. Jackson

Washington, D.C.-June 23: Thursday morning, Dobbs vs. Jackson Outside the Supreme Court prior to the possible announcement of(Photo by Joshua Comins / Fox News)

Continued attacks, former Vox and Washington Post journalists TheSupreme Courtclaimed that it was no longer democratic and replaced the will of the people. 

"To make matters worse, the Supreme Court has changed from undemocratic to anti-democratic. Lifetime appointments are uncertain under the best of circumstances, but the whims of retirement and death are to the Republicans. Mockery of Will. Five of the six Republican judges in court were appointed by the first president to take office after losing the popularity vote. "

Again, he complained that the court had not softened the ruling to stay within "public opinion." For the votes they need to get the results they want.

Reaching the heart of his argument, Klein suggested that his institution was a relic that could lose its power due to opposition.

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Demonstrators gather outside the Supreme Court June 24

Demonstrator gathers outside the Supreme Court June 24(Fox) News Digital / Lisa Bennatan)

"And the more we go that way, the less mysterious the court is. In fact, the Supreme Court is at the end of the constitutional interpretation. There is no rule that you have to obey as the word — it's also commonplace, and the courts aren't enforceable. If all the rules were left in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court would soon disappear. ".

NBC's Chuck Todd smoked that the robe of justice wasnow "red and blue"and that Americans considered the court to be "injustice."

Klein's colleague in the dissertation, Jamelbuy, published an editorial calling for court packing and judge impeachment as a way to "disciplinary" the High Court.

The New York Times editorial plans for the Supreme Court of "discipline" in response to the Roe v. Wade decision

These ideas Is repeatedSenator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y. By several Democrats, including Maxine Waters and D-Calif.

Waters said in a Supreme Court ruling, "You haven't seen anything yet. Women are trying to control their bodies no matter how they try to stop us. The Supreme Court. Hell with. We oppose them. "

Until the Supreme Court decision,Conservative judges were out of the house after a draft of Dobbs vs. Jackson's opinion was leaked. Targeted by pro-choice protesters in

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One man tries Brett Kavanaugh's home was apparently an attempted assassination because a court that had traveled all over the country overturned the Roe v. Wade case and was afraid to relax gun restrictions.

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