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The Court of Appeals states that House can obtain Trump taxes from the IRS

(CNN)On Tuesday, a federal appeals court issued a request from the House Ways and Means Committee to obtain former President Donald Trump's tax returns. approved. Internal Revenue Service.

His 3-0 decision in the DC Court of Appealsis a blow to Trump. A judicial-level judge appointed by the President when he previously dismissed his claim.

The lawsuit is unlikely to close at this point, as Trump can still appeal. The court said no verdict would be issued for seven days, giving Trump time to appeal.The case is separate from a House Select Committee investigation into the Jan. 6 riots.

A majority opinion written by Circuit Court Judge David Centel stated that the request for records of Ways and Means Commissioner Richard Neal was within the scope of his Commission's investigation, and the court said: The request was voided due to retaliatory motives.

"Although Congress may attempt to threaten a sitting president with invasive demands after he resigns, all presidents must be subject to the same laws as all other citizens upon resignation." It's a feature of a democratic republic, not a bug," said Sentelle.

Neal requested a return under the law allowing disclosure of individual tax returns to the Commission, but the Trump administration denied the request.

An appeals court on Tuesday said Trump did not win in his argument that his record as a former president should not be turned over.

"In this case, The need for Trump Party information to inform potential legislation largely trumps the executive branch's burden, because that burden is so tenuous," said President Reagan.

Judge Karen Henderson, President George H.W. Bush and President Obama's nominee Robert Wilkins also agreed with the decision, but Henderson did not seek to influence the presidency.

Neal commended the court's ruling in a statement Tuesday.

"We have been very patient and have followed the judicial process, but once again our position has been confirmed by the court," said Neil. “I am pleased that this long-anticipated opinion has made it clear that the law is on our side.

The lawsuit follows a lawsuit filed by Neil in 2019 seeking a court order to force the then-Trump IRS to file Trump's tax returns.

After Trump took office last July, the Justice Department suggested the commission would switch positions to benefit. In December, District Court Judge McFadden granted the Department and the House of Representatives' requests to dismiss the lawsuit, and Trump appealed to the DC Circuit Court.

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