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Arizona Homeowners Deadly Shoot Two Intruders: Police

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reportedly shot dead two men trying to break into their homes Saturday morning. 

When police arrived before 8 am and answered several 911 calls at, thepolice officer was allegedly an intruder on the ground in front of the house. I found two people.

"Witnesses told police that the shooter was in the house next to where the man was lying," Sgt. Philip Klinsky told FOX10 Phoenix. 

"The policeman was able to successfully carry the man to wait for the rescuers. The policeman was able to keep in touch with the three residents of the house and they were peaceful. Detained. "

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - March 18, 2014: Police car parked blocking an avenue downtown in Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-2014 March 18, 2014: A police car parked on Downtown Phoenix Avenue. (iStock)

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The two alleged intruders were taken to different hospitals where they were injured.

Police said the people detained in connection to the shooting gave consistent stories of self-defense over the alleged attempted break-in. 

Police were detained in connection with the shooting A consistent story of self-defense against intrusion attempts that people have stated.  (iStock)

A man in his twenties has not yet been identified.

Klinsky explained that those detained in connection with the shooting talked about consistent self-defense while investigating the case.

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"Consult with Maricopa County Law Firm" The suspect is released and a request foris submitted for review, "said Klinsky .