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As the death toll increases, frustration grows among Ukrainian military families.

KYIV, Ukraine — The February invasion of Russia was due to the competition of millions of Ukrainians, soPresident VlodymyrZelenskyyIt caused a wave of public support for the government. To help protect their hometown. Four months later,Russia's progressand the surge of casualties have increased anger and frustration in dealing with the war.

In interviews with Ukrainians whose families are fighting invaders, many put inexperienced people at the forefront, sometimes medical and psychological tests.

"I'm ready to protest," said Victoria Vilan Rashchuk, 43, of Kyiv. Sievierodonetsk. She said last month she raised money to send his unit protection headphones. This is a standard military device used to prevent hearing loss for soldiers firing rocket systems.

"No one taught him how to shoot."

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"The government is not doing enough to support them. The longer this is, the more people will be upset," Vilan Rashchuk said through an interpreter in Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense did not respond to requests for comment. 

Since Russia's invasion in February, thousands of Ukrainians with no military background have fought voluntarily. To support the war effort, the Ukrainian government has also banned men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country in case they need to start a draft. In May, Zelensky said the country's army had 700,000 military personnel, including women.Zelenskyykeeps the morale of the military and civilians high and appeals the national case to the international community through interviews and statements of , a relentless appearance campaign. I've been fighting for. community. However, Russian artillery has intensified in the east in recent months, with Ukrainian troops killed from 100 to 200 soldiers per day in combat. At least another 500 people are injured every day. , Zelensky's aide, Mihairo Podriak, said in an interview with the BBC earlier this month.

Soldiers are resting at a checkpoint in Severodonetsk, eastern Ukraine, where the fighting is particularly fierce.Yasuyoshi Chiba via Getty Images / AFP

HisDaily SpeechOn June 14, Zelensky described the loss as "painful" Ukrainians called, "must be retained."

Despite the high death toll, Ukrainian authorities have adequate training, food, equipment and rest, and the army has been well cared for. Claims to be.

But as the war progresses, what makes some Ukrainians particularly angry is the lack of basic military equipment for those at the forefront. Some military families are forced to organize donation drives to bring medicines and military equipment to the forefront.

Svitrana Lucianenko, whose husband worked in information technology before the war but is now fighting near Sieviero Donetsk, has not replaced the dead and injured soldiers fast enough by the Ukrainian army. Worried about that, the day my husband is at great risk every time he passes.

"Government needs to mobilize more people, but they also need to train them. Not enough training, that's a big problem," she said. "That's why our death toll is so high."

"We're angry with them," added Lucianenko.

Zelenskyy also dismissed reports that some frontline troops had inadequate protective equipment. 

"The reports I receive are very different from what is being discussed in society."He said in the same speech. "Today, everyone in the field of hostilities needs to have everything they need to protect themselves," he said. "The state provides such supplies."

Kieu's Louisa Donner, 25, whose husband is fighting in the Donbus area, is from Zelensky and other government officials. He said the statement had begun to hollow out. When she talked to her husband on her phone, she said she could hear fear and fatigue in his voice.