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Australia outraged by Indonesian Bali bomber's reduced sentence

Australian leader upset Friday after Indonesia further reduced prison sentence for bomb maker in Bali attack that killed 202 said. Parole.

The recent commutation of Umar Patek's sentence brings his total commutation to nearly two years, and he may be released before his 20th anniversary from the October bombings.

"This will cause further distress to Australians who were family members of the Bali bombing victims," ​​Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told Channel 9.

Tourists visit the Bali Bombing Memorial in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia,, Aug. 19, 2022. A reduction in the prison sentence of the bombmaker in the Bali terror attack that killed 202 people could free him within days if he's granted parole.
Visit the Bali Bombing Memorial in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia Tourist, August 19, 2022. A bomb maker's prison sentence has been commuted in the Bali terror attack that killed 202 people, and he could be released within days if he is granted parole.

Albanese has offered a "diplomatic representation" to Indonesia over the Patek ruling and various other issues involving Australians currently imprisoned in Indonesia. said to continue. Albanians described Patek as "abominable".

"His actions were those of a terrorist," Albanese told Channel 9.

Indonesia often grants commuted sentences to prisoners on major holidays such as the country's Independence Day, which was Wednesday.

Patek said he was five or five years old for his good manners. I received a month's commutation and was exempted from the prison term this month. If paroled, he will go to Poron Prison in East Java, said Zaeroji, who heads the provincial office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. He said he has the same rights as Mr. Patek. I vowed to

Patek was arrested in Pakistan in 2011, tried in Indonesia and convicted in 2012. He was originally sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Due to his sentence length and commutation, he was eligible for parole on Aug. 14. The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights' decision is still pending, Zaeroji said. If parole is denied, he could remain in prison until 2029.

Patek was one of several men involved in attacks in which Islamiyah was widely accused of attacking the Jemmah, a Southeast Asian militant group linked to al-Qaeda. Most of those killed in the bombings on resort islands were foreign tourists.

Another convicted co-conspirator, Ali Imron, was sentenced to life in prison. Earlier this year, a third militant, Alice Sumarsono, whose real name is Arif Snarso but known as Zulkarnaen, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after being arrested in 2020 after 18 years on the run. .

Bombing survivor Jan Laczynski told Channel 9 that many Australians would be "devastated" by the prospect of a Patek release. "This man should not go out unsupervised and unmonitored," he said.