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Australian gangster Tim "Sharkey" ward is "unrecognizable" after spending years abroad

Tim "Sharkey" Ward, who fled Australia's Queensland to Thailand in 2009, has long been known for his bodybuilder physique.

However, in recent photos shared on TikTok, the former millionaire appears to be barely recognizable.

"Sharky has lost its size," commented one user.

Dramatic weight loss occurs after Ward returns to the Gold Coast. This is a movement that seems to have been prompted by a pandemic.

Ward became known as the "Papaya Shark" and developed cult follow among the locals.

He has gained considerable wealth at various times in his life, including owning three Lamborghini at some stage, with an incredible rise in luck that began as an orphan in New Zealand. It has accumulated.

The notorious gangster, looking somewhat more slender, was spotted in Queensland.
TikTok / @ harryknob

Part of this is the extreme he knew Claim his loan that was due to interest rates – in some cases as much as 200%.

Ward was reported to have gone to Thailand after learning of an investigation into his activities by the Australian Federal Police.

Ward publicly admits he sleeps with a sex worker in Thailand, and he enjoyed how easy it is to repay police in paradise on the island. Said.

"You don't have to wear a shirt. I don't have to follow the rules. If you violate the rules, you just pay," he reportedly said earlier.

Ward became known as the “Shark of Papaya” and developed a cult-following among locals.
Facebook / Tim Ward

After growing up as an orphan in New Zealand, Ward went to Australia I moved to. 1990.

This part of Ward's upbringing recognizes Ward's well-known practice of feeding stray dogs on the streets of Papaya.

Ward expressed his desire to return to Thailand only when the country departed from vaccination requirements.