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Author Jenny Han talks about Taylor Swift's influence, representatives of Asia

Jenny Han on "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

Best-selling authorJenny Han, known for her series of beloved young giant novels, is her famous trilogy, The Summer I. Inspired by "Turned Pretty", I became a show runner in a new prime video series. ..

Han not only helped create the TV series, but also participated in hit soundtracks that included songs from celebrities such as Cardi B, Olivia Rodrigo, and Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift's music has played a long role in Han's writing process, she said in "CBS Morning" on Monday.

"I've been a fan for years. I was listening to her music while writing a book," Han said, and Swift's music was used while she was writing. He added that he brought her the feelings she needed to do. ..

"She understands young femininity in a way and I think she loves stories. That makes a lot of sense to me." Han said. The

prime show follows Berry, a teenage girl whose family stays at the beach house every summer with her mother's best friend and her sons Conrad and Elemiya. The first season shows the summer berries that precede her 16th birthday. The boys begin to realize that she is no longer a child. The second season is already underway.

Han is also the author of "To all the boys I loved before" and "P.S. I still love you". 

She said she was talking about New York Times' best-selling "The SummerI Turned Pretty" and she was talking about "general girlhood".

"For me, that means stepping into your own strength," she said. "I think it's a moment of aging and growth."

Han also talked about representatives of Asia, and many years ago from publishers, people were Asian-Americans and Asians. He said he was told not to read stories about American families.

"It was like a fact, so I don't think it actually hurt my feelings," she said. 

The show's Asian-American character, Berry, is white in her original novel.

"I tried to sell the Asian hero's book before this one, and people weren't really interested in it," Han said. "What I hear is,'We already have a book with them.'"

After gaining the trust of the audience, Han is more in the background of her character. She said she could have a lot of freedom. But from the beginning she wanted to do more for the Asian representatives.

"Even in my first book, it was important to put my picture on the back," Han said. "It wasn't actually done at the time, so I wanted other young Asian women to see it and think it was possible."

Disclosure: Han's book is published by Simon&Schuster, a division of Paramount Global, the parent company of CBS News.

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