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Infant formula crisis: ABC, CBS and NBC "treat Biden like a bystander," says Media Watchdog.

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The Big Three Network has extensively reported the infant formula crisis in an evening news program, but new research shows that it is reluctant to holdPresident Bidenaccountable. It is a target.

The Conservative Media Research Center panicked parents on ABC's World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News, out of 54 evening newscast articles on formula shortages. I found that. On May 9th and this week, only 10 of them contained "references to the Biden administration's liability or condemnation" at a rate of 19%.

ABC (22 articles on the crisis of infant formula), CBS (17), NBC (15) are all concerned by News Busters research director Scott Whitlock. He provided what he considered appropriate coverage of the story, but he told Fox News Digital that his analysis found Biden treated like a "bystander."

Empty shelves show a shortage of baby formula at a CVS store in San Antonio, Texas.

Empty shelves run out of powdered milk in CVS Shows that the store is located in San Antonio, Texas. (Getty Images |  Reuters / Kaley Greenlee Beer)

"They treat him like a bystander. Gas. In the spring when we looked at the prices and most of the stories we found, there weren't really any signs of any kind of criticism against Joe Biden, "he said. "It was almost all Russia, and obviously Russia was a factor, but gas prices were rising for some time, so we wanted to see how they covered this crisis. 

Commerce Secretary Lymond is under pressure from Biden looking for a "flat leg" in inflation

As an example, pointing out sharp and negative media coverage of immigrant children detained under the Whitlock Trump administration, at some point a picture of a young man in a cage from the Obama era. I explained their points in.

"And back in front of Republican President Donald Trump and him, whenever there is something of this kind, Republican Presidents a lot, whether they deserve it or not. I know I'll be criticized, "Witlock added. Some of Biden's negative coverage in the

segment asked if ABC's David Muir "should have known about this sooner" on June 1st, and the White House. ABC's Mary Bruce added "I was really having a hard time explaining" the formula shortage.

The network made little mention of it, but the Food and Drug Administration did not warn Americans about the pending shortage and plans to do so.

Rows of baby formula at a Costco in Tijuana, Mexico. (Fox News Digital/Jon Michael Raasch)

A row of powdered milk at Costco in Tijuana, Mexico. (Fox News Digital / Jon Michael Raasch)

Infant formula shortage: Government WATCHDOG announces FDA audit

Big Three Night News broadcasts no longer dominate television as they did a generation ago. Still, it has definitely attracted 15 to 20 million viewers at night and is of interest to MRC.

"People are still watching them. People are still receiving their news from them. So I think it's still important to focus on them," Whitlock said. Said. "Looking at the millions of viewers they're gaining, they're still really impacting the lives of many, so make them accountable and what they cover. It's important to say what you don't cover and how you cover it. Let the president and him let things go. "

COVID -19 Pandemic supply chain issueshave restricted access to many products, including powdered milk. The problem was exacerbated when Abbott Laboratories, a leading provider of infant formula, recalled some products and closed the factory under FDA investigation. Since the beginning of the year, millions of suffering parents have found it difficult to find a prescription for their baby, and empty shelves are yet another political pain in the Biden White House. It became a place. 

Mothers are "stressed right now" beyond the lack of infant formula: "very scared"

Mothers use infant formula for their babies More than breastfeeding for a variety of reasons, including difficulty breastfeeding and latching, lack of time to breastfeed on busy work schedules, and drug exchanges.

CNN's Jake Tapper pressed Gina Raimondo earlier this month about President Biden appearing "flat-footed" on inflation and the baby formula shortage. 

CNN's Jake Tapper to Gina Raimondo earlier this month Biden looks "crippled" due to inflation that put pressure on the president and a lack of powdered milk.  (Photo by Andrew Harnik-Pool / Getty Images)

Biden earlier this month, he's two months until April he's infant formula He said he was unaware of the shortage. The closure of Abbott Nutrition's Michigan production plant in February, after company executives said they were aware of the "general impact," would have an immediate impact on US supply.

As the crisis grows, Biden takes action, enacts the Defense Production Act to promote the production of more prescriptions in the country, and concludes a consent decree with the FDA to reopen the Abbott nutrition facility. Created and issued FDA guidance to import tens of millions. Of a bottle of formula from abroad.

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