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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Who Went Home on Season 8, Episode 2? And Who Arrived at the Beach?

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise is officially underway, and Episode 2 significantly dialed up the drama. As contestants are getting settled on the beach, putting themselves out there, and starting to form connections, new arrivals and inconvenient date cards threaten to shake things up.

Wondering who went home on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 2? Who joined the cast? Who snagged a date card? Or who’s coupled up ahead of tomorrow’s rose ceremony? We’ve got you covered. But be warned, spoilers for Episode 2 are ahead.

Who went home on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 2?

The Bachelor in Paradise premiere is largely for contestants to get to know each other, but the second episode is when a lot of the show’s deeper connections start to form. Though the episode featured several new arrivals, two date cards, and at least one person wanting and/or threatening to go home, no one was eliminated during Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2. The two-hour episode concluded right before the season’s first rose ceremony, though. So Episode 3 — on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 — will show at least three women going home.

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Who Joined the Cast On Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 2?

As noted, there were two new Paradise arrivals in Season 8’s second episode. Victoria Fuller, the third runner-up from Peter Weber’s Season 24 of The Bachelor, was the first (and only new human arrival) to walk down the stairs.

The second new arrival was a fully packed suitcase belonging to Salley Carson, who has a complicated history with the Bachelor Franchise. After the girls checked out Salley’s suitcase, Paradise‘s trusty bartender and should-be-host Wells Adams launched into “The Saga of Salley’s Suitcase.” (Grab your popcorn, people.)

“Salley was on Clayton’s season. She was engaged beforehand, she showed up, and she never even got out of the limo,” he explained. “So she wanted a second shot at love, and we wanted to grant that to her, but we were a little apprehensive. I mean she didn’t even get out of the limo the first time. So we decided to send a producer to make sure that she got on her flight… [The producer] gets to Salley’s house, she texts her: ‘I’ve got a huge surprise for your outside. Come outside.’ Salley texts her: ‘I can’t. I’ve got explosive diarrhea.’ So [the producer] bangs on the door. The door opens. It’s a man. The man yells: ‘Sally ain’t here!’ The producer texts Salley.”

Salley on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
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Four hours later, [Salley] allegedly showed up at the producer’s hotel room, said she was ready for Paradise, but wanted to see her ex finacé before she left. Adams explained that Salley went to her ex’s mansion, then asked the producer to get in the trunk (!!!) so her ex wouldn’t freak out. “This is dead freaking serious. This is real. You can talk to the producer if you want to,” Adams said. Four hours later, Salley returned, said her ex no longer loved her and encouraged her to go to Paradise, and she decided to hop on the plane and put herself out there. In a last-minute change of heart, she decided to back out, and bid the producer (and her luggage, which was already on the plane) farewell at the airport gate.

In a final twist, Adams said Salley changed her mind again after the plane took off. “As of today she says she’s coming,” he said, though he had no ETA. While everyone awaits Salley’s arrival, Genevieve Parisi is stressing, because Salley had history with her crush Justin Glaze at Stagecoach. Seems like trouble’s coming.

Who Went on a Date On Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 2?

As is Paradise tradition, Victoria got a date card because she was a new arrival to the beach. The card read, “Victoria, welcome to Paradise. Don’t be afraid to make a splash.” She pulled several guys aside to chat, but ultimately asked Justin from Katie Thurston’s Season 17 of The Bachelorette. As noted, before Victoria arrived on the beach, Justin was forming a connection with Genevieve from Clayton Echard’s season. Victoria and Justin had a good time driving an ATV, swimming, and getting to know each other on their date. So it seems like Justin has a serious choice to make before the rose ceremony.

Victoria Fuller on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Shanae Ankey from Clayton’s season also got a date card and asked out Logan Palmer, who had previously formed a connection with Hailey Malles from Clayton’s season. Shanae’s date card read, “It’s time to rewrite your love story.” She and Logan enjoyed some dinner, dancing, and deep conversation. So add Logan to the list of men who have Choices to make ahead of tomorrow’s eliminations.

Who Are the Couples on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 2?

Heading into the rose ceremony, there were a few rock solid couples and a few messy love triangles at the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 2. Here’s the breakdown of the noteworthy romantic connections ahead of Episode 3:

  • Brandon Jones and Serene Russell (Status: Solid AF)
  • Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson (Status: Cute AF)
  • Justin Glaze and Genevieve Parisi OR Victoria Fuller (OR Salley? EVENTUALLY!) (Status: Messy AF)
  • Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright (Status: Cute AF)
  • Logan Palmer and Hailey Malles OR Shanae Ankey (Status: Messy AF)
  • Romeo and Absolutely No One…Not Jill, Not Brittany, Not Hailey, Not Kira (Status: Single AF)

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