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Baltimore Task Force Trying to Resolve Unsolved Murder Crisis

Dozens of investigators have plagued police across the country in a confusing Baltimore warehouse, unsolved We are working to resolve the murder case. 

The city experienced 338 murders in 2021, less than half, 47% resolved. This figure is slightly lower than the national murder clearance rate. The percentage of cases resolved each year means that the police will arrest or terminate the case for other reasons.

In Baltimore and the United States, only about half of themurders were cleared. About 90% of them were arrested.

However, US lawyer Erik Barron tends to be a law enforcement officer working in a warehouse known as the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. This is a joint effort by more than 20 agencies investigating Baltimore's bravest drug syndication and a special intelligence agency identifying the link between hundreds of unsolved murders in the city.

"The law enforcement community is highly balkanized. There are regions, states and federations, where all or most of them are put together in one place, information shared and shared. We can work together, "says Barron. ..

The Intelligence Unit wants to follow the "Al Capone Strategy" for suspected murderers of other crimes pursued by inter-ministerial partnerships. 

Former lawyer Jonathan Lenzner launched a unit, and in 2021, his office charged 15 members of the Baltimore gang with charges related to racketeering and drug plots. did. Prosecutors linked them to 18 murders and 27 attempted murders.

"There is a map showing where each of these shoots happened, and unfortunately, and somewhat tragicly, the map looks like a night constellation in a clear starry sky. There are times, "Lentsner said. 

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Intelligence analyst William Nichols said in the city last year alone. A headdot connector that presides over a map showing at least 338 murders in total. Nickoles worked on the streets for over 20 years as a Baltimore police officer.

"The first thing I'm looking for is to see if the victim has something to do with any of our cases. If so, it seems like a logical idea. Perhaps it has something to do with the ongoing investigation. "

Mr. Lentzner said the goal was to ensure that investigators were in contact.

"If they don't share intelligence on a daily basis and have a structured sharing agreement, you may find the progress of the case, the resolution of the murder, 1 Intelligence and information useful for silos within two institutions, "Lentsner said.

But Baron said that solving the unsolved murder problem requires more than cooperation between various law enforcement agencies. He said police needed the approval of the people they serve.

"The biggest part of the solution is not only law enforcement but also community cooperation," Baron said.

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