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Beagle dog rescued from research facility arrives at shelters across the United States

One month after 4,000 beagles wererescued from a Virginia lab,they were sent to animal shelters across the country. Arrived and awaiting adoption.

The beagle was rescued from where he was kept at her Envigo Breeding Research Facility in Cumberland in July as part of a court order, according to the Humane Society. American.

Now they are being sent to California, Wyoming, Florida and Massachusetts in hopes of finding a permanent home, WUSA9 reports.

According to Envigo's website, the puppies were to be sold for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.

The company says animal welfare is one of its top priorities, but federal studies over the past two years have found many dogs living in miserable conditions. was shown.

An animal rescue worker takes beagle puppies out of a cage.
A woman holds a beagle puppy in her arms

Investigators found malnourished, sick and injured beagle dogs at the facility. The dog was kept in a cage piled with feces and food waste, according to the federal complaint. Between January and July last year, more than 300 puppies died at the facility.

Investigators also alleged that Envigo performed painful medical experiments on the puppies, including non-sedative euthanasia, according to WUSA9.

Virginia-based local non-profit organization Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is backing the massive undertaking of finding new homes for dogs. The organization has already rescued about 500 beagles from the facility and by May had sent them all to foster homes and permanent homes.

Kitty Block, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, and HSUS Animal Rescue Team members carry beagles into the organization's care and rehabilitation center in Maryland
Animal Rescue Team member Troy Snell interacts with a group of beagles at the organization's care and rehabilitation center in Maryland.

Last weekend, Homeward Trails hosted a "Suds and Netflix" night for newly arrived dogs. They bathed for the first time before watching the movie, the outlet reported.

The 6-week-old puppy visited seniors at a nursing home in Fairfax County, Virginia this week.