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The founders of Ben & Jerry's blamed Israeli licensees for selling Unilever's ice cream

Ben&The founder of Jerry's Ice Cream sold the business of aVermont-based company in Israel to a local licensee. Blew up the parent company Unilever in — Effectively avoiding the boycott of the Israeli settlement on the west bank of the occupied Jordan River.

"We continue to believe that Ben&Jerry's values ​​for ice cream sold in the occupied Palestinian Territories are inconsistent," Ben&Jerry said on Wednesday. Tweeted to.

The official Twitter account of the ice cream maker, founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, posted a short tweet thread on Wednesday. Hours after Unilever agreed to sell Ben&Jerry's to Avidinger of American Quality Products. ..

AQP is an Israeli company that owns a license agreement to exclusively sell Ben&Jerry in Israel. It paid Unilever a private amount and virtually ended disputes, including federal proceedings.

Ginger sells Ben&Jerry's brand in both Hebrew and Arabic on Wednesday across Israel and the entire territory of the West Bank occupied by Israel in 1967. Announced that it will resume. -Daywar.

Unilever effectively circumvented Ben & Jerry's decision to not sell its ice cream in the West Bank, which was seized by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War.
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"We are aware of Unilever's announcement. Ben&Jerry tweeted on Wednesday.

"Our parent company has made this decision, but we do not agree with it."

Ben&Jerry continued: "Unilever's arrangement is Israel This means that Ben&Jerry will be owned and operated by AQP. Our company will not be able to profit from Ben&Jerry in Israel. "

We continue to believe that Ben&Jerry's values ​​for ice cream sold in the occupied Palestinian Autonomous Region are inconsistent.

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— Ben&Jerry's (@benandjerrys)June 29, 2022

Unilever's announcement ends the story that began last year when Ben&Jerry's stated that he would not offer products to consumers in the Israeli settlements built in the occupied territories.

Unilever, a Dutch and British conglomerate that owns well-known brands such as Hellmann's, Dove, Lipton and Breyers, said there was no legal right to reverse Ben&Jerry's at the time. course.

When Unilever acquired Ben&Jerry's for a $ 326 million deal more than 20 years ago, the Vermont-based ice cream maker had its board of directors social and political. Claimed to have autonomy on issues related to the issue.

Avi Zinger, whose company owned the exclusive rights to sell Ben & Jerry's in Israel, bought the ice cream brand's local operations.
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However, Unilever considers part of its business to be appropriate and sells it. Maintained power.

Boycott by Ben&Jerry caused a headache in public relations to Unilever as US pro-Israeli politicians announced economic retaliation measures.

New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Texas have sold a combined $ 1 billion investment in pension funds from Unilever}  , Ben&Jerry's actions violated their anti-boycott law.

The Israeli government welcomed Unilever's decision to sell the brand to Ginger on Wednesday as an "anti-Semitic victory."