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Biden: High gas prices that will last "as long" as Ukraine wins

U.S. drivers must endure "as much" high gas prices as Ukraine can defeat Russia's invasion, President Biden said Thursday Told the Spanish reporters.

At the end of this week's NATO summit in Madrid, the President was asked by New York Times reporter Jim Tankasley about rising oil prices as a result of Western sanctions against Russia. In the attack on February 24th.

"War has pushed up prices. Some analysts believe that [oil] could be as high as $ 200 a barrel," Tankersley said. "How long is it fair for American drivers and drivers around the world to expect to pay that premium for this war?"

"As long as necessary," Biden replied. "In fact, Russia has defeated Ukraine and cannot move beyond Ukraine.

" This is an important and important position for the world, "continues the president. "I'm here. Why is NATO? I told Putin, in fact, if we move (against Ukraine), we'll move to strengthen NATO. We We will work to strengthen NATO entirely. "

Wallace Reid of Queens fills up his vehicle amid high gas prices on June 22.

26 minutes At a press conference, Putin also reiterated the administration's stance of soaring. Rising energy and food prices around the world are largely the result of Russia's invasion, limiting the delivery of wheat from Ukraine and the delivery of oil and natural gas to Europe.

"Ultimately, Russia is the reason for the rise in gas prices. Russia, Russia, Russia," said the president. "Russia is the reason for the food crisis."

Byden defends the administration's economic records, including twice falsely claiming that US inflation is lower than in other developed economies. Continued to do.

A Chevron gas station displays the price per gallon at over $7 in Los Angeles, California.
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"We have the strongest economy in the world Our inflation rate is lower than in other countries in the world, "he added later. However, inflation is high in almost every other country.

MayUS annual inflation rate of 8.6% is the highest since 1981, with an estimated monthly average of 8.1% in the euro area, 7.7% in Canada and 5.4 in South Korea. %, Which is higher than 2.5% in Japan. ..

The UK's annual inflation rate of 9.1% was higher than the US inflation rate in May, but the US inflation rate was higher than Germany's 7.9%, France's 5.8% and Italy's 6.9%. ..

Biden addresses the media after the NATO summit in Madrid on June 30.

Biden alsoCongress to suspend federal gas tax At about 18 cents per gallon of gas, repeated calls to, the requested states will follow to help lower the price of pumps.

"It is estimated that can lower tomorrow by doing these things. If Congress agrees and the state agrees, will be . The price can be lowered. 71} With pumps in that range about $ 1 per gallon of oil, "said the president.

As of Thursday morning, the national average price of a gallon of gasoline was $ 4.857, down about 16 cents from the record high of $ 5.016 on June 14.