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Biden's attack on the Supreme Court is "sneaky behavior": Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy

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FoxNews contributor Andrew McCarthy accused President Biden's anti-Supreme Court rhetoric of "sneaky behavior" in the "Special Report" court on Thursday.

The identity of the abortion decision draft leader remains a mystery as the Supreme Court ends its term

MCCARTHY : I I think it's a sneaky act by the President. And Shannon, he was chosen as a kind of anti-tranpy, returned to normal and kept the norms [a kind of president]. It's like you don't go abroad and attack other components of the US government. I think he will be blamed by Congress just at a better time in this country. Unfortunately, the time in the country we are in seems to be Thursday. And it's as rare as the sun rises tomorrow. 

All[Supreme] The court is [In case of abortion] is deprived of power by itself and returned to the state. So what's happening here is a court that is regaining order in the sense that responsibility has been assigned to where it was supposed to be constitutional and the law was understood. The provisions of the Constitution have been adopted. 

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