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Biden's immigrant madness is destroying the country

President Joe Biden sent moreillegal immigrants to the United States than people in his home state of Delaware. Disclosure of the administration itself.

And that's only the adults they caught and released. Adding fugitives and unaccompanied minors brings the figure closer to2 million(close to West Virginia or Idaho). 

Don't worry about horror stories like those about 53 immigrants who died on a truckin San Antonio, Texas last week. Population growth of that size will have a huge impact on the United States itself. Especially considering that there are more than 11 million people illegally here in early 2022, the Immigration Research Center estimates that are significantly higher than the previous year's figures. It's better than Let-'Em-In Joe. 

Every month, the number of immigrants encountered by the US Customs and Border Protection continues to grow. May was the highest ever and set a new April record. There is no disappointment until the White House quits the nodding routine, which relentlessly encourages illegal immigrants. 

Don't expect a country to absorb this large influx without major change and pain. See the town ofEagle Pass in Texas. The video shot there suspects hundreds of illegal immigrants gathered on the roadside in the 30,000 towns where 1,000 illegal immigrants are arrested and processed each day. Shown. 

The mayor of the town, Rolando Salinas Jr. (Democratic Party), said his police and fire brigade were thin and frustrated. It states that it has stated. We need to let the world know, "There are rules and there are laws that must be obeyed." If you come to the United States, you won't get all these resources because they're thinking.

Still, that's what the Biden administration encouraged them. In fact, traffickers are said to call his policy "La Invitación".

You are destroying a small border town like Eagle Pass. And it has a huge impact on politics, budgets and crime across the country. These numbers are like adding a whole new state. 

Don't believe anyone who says we can't do anything about it. These numbers weren't too bad during the Trump administration. After that, the attitude of the United States was clear. That is, immigrants need to pursue legal channels. It included elements such as thepolicy to stay in Mexico where Biden ends, and the expulsion rule for title 42, which he vowed to end. .. 

Safe borders are better for US citizensandimmigrant candidates. Biden and other open border enthusiasts can maintain "humane" charades and cause significant collateral damage along the way. 

But all the evidence we need about how fatally wrong they are can be found in Eagle Pass, San Antonio, and dozens of other towns and cities. I can.