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Biden's top aide interrupts when Macron spills bad news about the oil crisis

On Monday, President Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said French President Emmanuel Macron took the journalist's foot away and seized Arab. He intervened because he gave Biden bad news about his attempt. Countries producing more oil to lower record gas prices.

"Be careful. Maybe we just have to go inside ... thanks to the camera."Sullivan moves to journalistto report on the G7 summit in Germany. Said.

It's unclear if Sullivan was concerned about the particular nugget of news leaked to journalists, but some of Macron's words were clearly audible.

"I called MBZ," Macron told Biden, referring to the leader of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. "He told me two things. I'm at maximum, maximum [capacity]. This is his claim ... and he increases Saudis by 150 [thousands of barrels per day]. I said it's possible. Maybe a little more, but six months ago there wasn't a lot of capacity. "

The news is next month in Byden's Saudi Arabia. A visit means that it may not be possible to convince oil-rich Arab countries to mitigate the rise in gas prices associated with Russia's four-month-old invasion. High gasoline prices of about $ 5 per gallon have contributed toworst inflation since 1981, while pushing down public approval forBiden's performance.

Reuters reports: The United Arab Emirates is recognized by the producer group as an organization of oil exporters and the only two countries in the world, and it still has some spare capacity and may help increase global deliveries.

Another topic of the G7 conference was about NATO's efforts to arm the Ukrainian government to resist Russia's four-month-old invasion.

Sullivan suggested to Biden and Macron that they should continue their conversation away from journalists and cameras.
Ludovic Marine / Pool via Reuters
Macron was telling Biden that United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan told him his country is at "maximum" oil production capacity.
Photo by Christian Hartmann / Pool / AFP via Getty Images
Biden is set to visit Saudi Arabia next month following the G-7 Summit.
Photo by Christinan Bruna – Pool / Getty Images

Ukrainian President Wolodimir Zelensky talks with G-7 leaders on Monday, and Sullivan plans to provide reporters with advanced weapons. Said.

"We will complete a package containing advanced medium and long range air defense capabilities for Ukrainians and other urgently needed items such as artillery and ammunition for counter-battery radar systems. Sullivan said during the gaggle.

G-7 is an economically powerful coalition of democracy, with the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Included.