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Biden, Top Democratic Party accused of "sticky" funding after the Roe v. Wade reversal

Following the reversal of the Supreme Court in the Roe v. Wade case, President Joe Biden and other top Democrats raised funds. .. "

" I received six fundraising emails from Democratic candidates today, "feminist writerRoxane Gay wrote on Twitteron Friday.

"It's sticky and highlights the real disconnect between many growing politicians and their members," Gay said.

New York-based writer and performer Matt Göring shared a donation email from the Democratic National Committee on Twitter and was so furious that he added:

"If they have good sense, they will instruct people to donate to the abortion fund," he wrote.

"Don't tell me to vote. Send me a campaign fundraising email today."Göring wrote in another post on Friday.

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Roxane Gay
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Democratic Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota, and Texas Governor Beto O'Rourke are among Democratic celebrities. It is a person. Following a historic ruling,Newsweek reported, asking voters for cash.

According to the magazine, DNC called for donations of up to $ 25 to support the Democratic elections in November, while Pelosi called for a donation of $ 15.

Get the latest information on the post following the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn the Roe v. Wade case.

Meanwhile, Oroke, who is about to dismiss the conservative Texas governor Greg Abbott, sent a fundraising email requesting $ 3. The court's decision is to win this race for the governor.

Two young protesters interviewed by MSNBC said untimely solicitations indicate that party leadership needs to change.

Today, I received 6 donation emails from Democratic candidates. It is sticky and highlights the true disconnect between many politicians and their members who are only growing.

— roxane gay (@rgay)June 25, 2022

"This requires as many people as possible to vote. It is possible to vote for more progressive Democrats, "protester Zoe Warren told the network in a tweetshared by The Recount on Sunday in.

"We need to abstain old white Democrats and deploy new young people who actually defend the rights of women and people across the country," she said. ..

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn the groundbreaking abortion ruling in 1973 is an ideology in which left-wing protesters flock to the streets to protest the ruling, and right-wing protesters announce the decision. Brought to life on both sides of the spectrum.