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Big Ten Voting to Add USC, UCLA from 2024

In the midst of seismic changes in college athletics, Big Ten resolved on Thursday to add Southern California and UCLA as conference members from 2024.

The expansion to 16 teams will occur after Pac-12's current media rights agreement between Fox and ESPN expires and Big Ten becomes the first conference to spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

This announcement came almost a year after Oklahoma and Texas officially accepted the invitation to the Southeastern Conference in July 2025.

"Ultimately, Big Ten is the perfect place for USC and Trojan horse athletics to move into the new world of college sports. "That's what USC's athletic director Mike Bourne said. “We are pleased that our values ​​are in line with the league's affiliates, as well as the stability and strength of the conference, the athletic performance of the Big Ten institutions, the visibility, exposure and resources that the conference brings to our students. It also benefits from improvements. The ability to expand engagement with athletes, programs and passionate graduates across the country. ”

Big Ten builds on its previous expansion into the country's largest media market. Built, this move allows conferences to keep pace with the SEC as one of the most powerful entities in college sports.

Big Tenhas expanded twice in recent years, with Nebraska in 2011 and Maryland and Rutgers in 2014.

USC and UCLA Conformity Big Ten Academic Profile. Both schools are one of the 65 members of the Association of American Universities, which is made up of prestigious research universities. All Big Ten Schools except Nebraska are members.

"Pac-12 is always sharing our values, continuing to innovate and working hard for student athletes and many fans," said Martin, UCLA Athletes Director. Jarmond says. "At the same time, each school faces its own challenges and circumstances, and we believe this is the best move for UCLA at this time. For us, this move provides more certainty in a rapidly changing era. And we are college athletics for future generations. ”

The move to Big Ten will significantly improve USC and UCLA's bottom line.

Pac-12 distributed only $ 19.8 million per school in fiscal year 2021, the lowest amount of any Power5 conference. Big Ten's school distribution was $ 46.1 million, second only to the SEC's $ 54.6 million.

Pac-12 struggled to keep track of the conference television network, but Big Ten Network is the most established conference network.

USC and UCLA will take a step in football in both visibility and competition.

The aired game of "Pac-12 After Dark", which starts from midnight to midnight in most of the countries, made it difficult for meetings to get exposure. Pac-12 has teamed only twice in the College Football Playoff, Oregon (2014 season) and Washington (2016).

Losing flagship schools like USC and UCLA will be a big blow to Pac-12, who has a long and friendly relationship with Big Ten. This is best illustrated by the Rose Bowl partnership.

Last August, the Big Ten, Pac-12, and Atlantic Coast Conference formed an alliance following the participation of Oklahoma and Texas in the SEC. At the conference, 41 members said they would take a collaborative approach to envisioning the future of athletics. The three meetings set up some sports scheduling arrangements and pooled resources to promote the welfare of athletes.

If Big Ten adopts two of Pac-12's largest brands in less than a year, the future of the alliance will look uncertain.

USC and UCLA will break the conference dating back a century.

USC attended the Pacific Coast Conference in California, Oregon, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, and Washington in 1922, followed by UCLA in 1928. Pac-8 in 1968, Pac-10 in 1978, and Pac-12 in 2011.

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