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Boris Johnson's crisis when the Conservatives lose in double elections

London (CNN)British Prime MinisterBoris Johnsonhits his authority on Friday I gave it. The party was defeated in two parliamentary elections overnight,raising new questions about his leadership

Labor Party Simon Wright wakes north of England Wakefield's West Yorkshire seat and the majority of 4,925 with a 12.7 percentage point change from the Conservative Party to the Labor Party.

After a while, Liberal Democratic Party Richard Fold won the Tiverton and Honiton by-elections in Devon, western England, with a dramatic fluctuation of almost 30 points. The victory was one of the largest majority in history, overturned by the by-elections of the British Parliament, as the conservatives had a majority of more than 24,000 votes.

The defeated Conservative candidate Helen Hurford was trapped in a room previously reserved for media interviews at the counting venue and refused to talk to the media, PA Media reports. rice field.

"This is a historic victory for the LDP and a devastating blow for Conservatives who continue to support Boris Johnson," a LDP spokesman told the British media. ..

Johnson said the UK government needs to "listen to the consequences" of the overwhelming losses in the by-elections. As a result, Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden resigned.

In a pooled interview during a visit to Rwanda, Johnson called the "harsh" results "a reflection of many" and British voters "currently experiencing tough times." I admitted.

"As a government, I need to listen to what people are saying, and the difficulties people face over living expenses, which are the best for most people. I think it's a problem. "Johnson said.

Thursday's by-elections were triggered by the attention-grabbing resignation of Conservative lawmakers. One watched pornography in the British parliament. Admitting that, the other was convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy.

The results are important for two reasons and very much for the ruling Conservatives. Concerns. The defeat of Tiberton and Honiton means that many of the former windless seats in southern and western England could be at risk in the next by-elections. Results suggest that the Conservatives could regain many of the so-called Redwall seats swayed by Johnson in the 2019 elections.

Friday's defeat blocked in Downing Street It was the result of aparty gate scandalwhere the destruction event took place and a previousdistrust resolutionat Johnson's leadership. A member of his own party. More than 41% of the month voted to drive him away.

Johnson struck his position in polls, despite winning an 80-seat landslide just two and a half years ago. Faced with many other scandals, this was whipping to improperly use donations to pay for home renovations in Downing Street and to protect colleagues who violated the rules of lobbying activities. Includes accusations of that.

There are few tools in the box

These scandals (by the government minister as the story of the "Westminster bubble") If (often rejected) was the only concern of the Britons, Johnson faces such a serious problem that may not be the case. But the biggest problem the prime minister is facing can be, to some extent, unmanageable.

The cost of living crisis is exacerbated and the government has few tools to make things easier for British citizens. There were energy rebates and subsidies to help those who were worst affected, but given the pace of inflation, they have barely been able to address the magnitude of the problem.

Only this week, the country has fought the worst railroad strike in 30 years. Union and opposition politicians blamed Johnson head-on for refusing to negotiate with the union.

Johnson's allies are now the only ones who can look back on Johnson and bring the party back to victory ahead of the upcoming general election in 2024. May spend the next few days.

That may be true. But it may also be true that the public decided on him. Once upon a time, as the posters for his campaign boasted, many praised him as "who achieved Brexit."

Johnson will travel abroad over the weekend to attend the Federal, G7 and NATO summits in Rwanda, Germany and Spain. The biggest plotters in Westminster usually do their best work when the leader is abroad. And there are quite a few conservatives who think Johnson will drag the party into oblivion and sacrifice their work and power.

He has already faced one distrust resolution. By the end of the year he was able to meet another person very well. But the question that some Conservatives are quietly asking is whether Johnson's premiere has burned the planet. Is there anyone who can rebrand the party and lead the refreshed party to another victory, as Johnson did in 2019?

Unless the elections are held early, the Conservatives have been in power for 14 years when they asked the people to allow five more. At that time, they had three very different leaders, who were considered the best person for the job at the time.

If the country still feels retreating, it's very difficult to claim that Johnson (or other conservatives) are the ones who move it forward and maintain a straight face. Probably.

CNN's Niamh Kennedy contributed to this report.