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Bronx delicatessen owners say illegal fights are good for the neighborhood

The Bronx delicatessen owner has an interesting way to show his disapproval of violence rampant in the neighborhood — once a year he is notorious. Defeat the members of the Fight Club against each other at his store. Scott Oudeh, owner of

Best Hood Deli 1, claims to open the door to theunderground combat club Rumble. It's actually a way to maintain peace.  

"Stop guns and violence," 28-year-old Oudeh insisted on giving fighters a place to fight for the past four years. "To show people that they may be eating beef with each other, but you don't have to rely on shooting. You just wear gloves and fight." 

In the recent Bodega struggle The footage — attended by about 30 screaming fans and even toddlers — shows one man brutally cracking another man's head and swinging his fist until he sends it to two stockpiles-Melrose Deli. A liter of soda bottle that burst all over the floor.

Despite the vicious nature of the fight, Oudeh said no one was seriously injured and amateur fighters hugged it and then shook hands.

"Beef is crushed," said a former boxer and high school wrestler. 

In response to a battle clip posted on TikTok, one user commented: Maintain peace in the right way. Another person said, "It's better than a gun."

But others have said that fighting is bad for business and for the neighborhood.

"I like Scott and he runs a good, clean store, but that's a ridiculous idea," said former boxer Victor Lopez, 55.

220629_ nypostinhouse, Scott Oudeh, owner Best Hood Deli 1, 839 Tinity Ave., Bronx, NY Credit J.C. Rice
J.C. Rice for NY Post

"How close are those people in the video? You can see the refrigerator and all the glass. A man cuts himself, is seriously injured, and Scott is trapped. "

Nylon Li, 45, who runs the coin laundry next door, said. I was shocked when the Post showed him a video of the fight.

"Oh my god, we're always waving to each other, and he's a great neighbor, but I didn't know that was happening there," he said. Said.

However, Deliman sees the fight as a form of public service.

"South Bronx is known for a lot of violence and is trying to calm it down so that its neighbors can understand it," Ode said. "This is a free event. You actually lose some money because you have to close the store when they come, but for the community, it's okay to lose hundreds of dollars."

To date, 416 felony assaults have been recorded in District 40, where police patrol the neighborhood, compared to 312 in 2021. This is a 33% surge. Murders increased from 6 to 7, 17% clashes and misdemeanors increased by 12% from 436 to 490. Shooting incidents were slightly reduced from 28 to 25, or 11%.

Police have dealt with deli about a handful of shoplifters, robbers and conflicts since 2018, but he has never been complained about an underground boxing match there.