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Brooklinen just launched laundry detergent — get all the details here

If you happened to peruse our guide on the best bed sheets — or any bedding roundup, for that matter – you’ll see just how many times we hold Brooklinen to high acclaim.

Not only do we praise its Luxe Core Sheet Set (read our review for proof) and Waffle Bath Robe we wear after every shower, but now, we have something else to praise: its brand-new line of laundry detergent.

The direct-to-consumer’s grand foray into the laundry care space is quite impressive. After three years in the making, Brooklinen curated a catalog of high-performing, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic product line — from detergents and stain removers to dryer balls and fabric softeners.

Nowadays, seeking a laundry detergent that’s good for the planet but also good on your clothes. After trying the brand’s new launch (you bet we called the brand for a ‘shopping emergency’ of sorts), we were impressed by its gentle yet effective formula and fresh, clean scent.

Essential Detergent

Brooklinen’s Essential Detergent is offered in a 32oz dispenser for $22. Its signature formulation boasts a concentrated, super-cleaning and high-efficiency (HE) formula that helps fight odors and stains on all colors and fabrics.

Aside from its flagship scent, Brooklinen also offers two soothing scents — Dream Clean and Herbal Clean — that are centered on relaxation and getting a good night’s rest (likely with its other bedding products). Fragrance-free is also offered, if so desired.

Uniquely, the brand partnered with two world-class perfumers to develop two sophisticated, exclusive scents — each containing fabric-safe essential oils and fragrance oils:

  • Dream Clean: Bright yet inviting, this grounding scent exudes warmth and comfort with scent notes of citrus, vanilla and amber. It’s offered in Brooklinen’s Essential Detergent, Fabric Refresher Spray and Fabric Softener.
  • Herbal Clean: Refreshing and woody, this soothing scent will transport you to nature in the springtime with scent notes of white lavender, sandalwood and shea blossom. It’s offered in Brooklinen’s Essential Detergent.
  • Fragrance-Free: Dermatologist-approved and scent-free for anyone with sensitive skin, including babies, this simple formulation is offered in Brooklinen’s Essential Detergent, Stain Remover and Oxygen Bleach Alternative.

More specifically, Brooklinen’s fully fledged collection carries à la carte products that add a touch of luxury to your everyday laundry ritual. For its inaugural launch, Brooklinen has its Essential Detergent, Oxygen Bleach Alternative, Fabric Softener, Fabric Refresher Spray, Stain Remover and Wool Dryer Balls.

Side note: for an extra scent boost, add some essential oils to your dryer balls to DIY your laundry care items before tossing them into your washer dryer combo.

What’s more, Brooklinen consciously curated the collection to make you and your family comfortable with premium, eco-friendly products. All formulations are plant-based, biodegradable and housed in recyclable or compostable packaging (Related: best compost bins).

Aside from Brooklinen’s Essential Detergent, find more products that we can’t wait to try.

Oxygen Bleach Alternative

How to use: Use one scoop to pre-soak or hand wash, and add two scoops per load directly into the machine. Do not use on silk, wool or leather, and always follow the instructions on your item’s care label for the best results.

This thoughtful chlorine-free bleach alternative is formulated to help whiten, brighten and preserve color for your delicates and bedding. It helps remove stains and dinginess without the use of artificial brighteners or dyes. This is a 32oz product.

Fabric Softener

How to use: Use three pumps per load in the proper machine dispenser. It’s effective in all water temperatures, but please follow the instructions on your item’s care label for the best results. It’s not recommended for towels, silk, wool or synthetic fabrics.

Brooklinen’s Fabric Softener is an eco-friendly solution to help soften your fabrics while effectively reducing wrinkles and static cling. It gently scents your laundry with Dream Clean — all without leaving behind a sticky residue. This is a 16oz product.

Fabric Refresher Spray

How to use: Spray items after use and in-between washing to maintain freshness. It’s ideal for clothing, sheets, towels and dry-clean or non-washable items including upholstery, drapery and carpets.

Brooklinen’s Fabric Refresher Spray is a deodorizer spray that’s formulated with plant-derived ingredients to neutralize and eliminate any unwanted odors at the source. With each use, it adds a gentle scent of Dream Clean. This is an 8oz product.

Stain Remover

How to use: Spray onto the stained area until it’s thoroughly saturated. For best results, allow the solution to sit for at least five minutes (but no more than 30) before washing and always follow the instructions on your item’s care label.

Brooklinen’s Stain Remover is effective yet gentle, helping to remove all the tough stains you don’t want to think about: red wine, turmeric, chocolate and beyond. It’s highly concentrated with naturally sourced ingredients and comes in an 8oz bottle.

Wool Dryer Balls (4-Pack)

How to use: Simply toss in the dryer and go. Add more than one ball for heavy items like towels or large-capacity dryers for an even faster dry.

Brooklinen’s Wool Dryer Balls are a four-pack worth snagging to help soften, de-wrinkle and efficiently reduce the drying time for all fabrics. Not to mention, they’re crafted with all-natural wool from New Zealand and are ultra-durable for prolonged use.

Brooklinen Laundry Care Bundle

Additionally, you can grab the Brooklinen Complete Clean Bundle ($88), allowing you to bundle and save while purchasing all of your laundry essentials in one place. You can select you preferred scent for the brand’s Essential Detergent, too.

All in all, we can’t be more jazzed about this new launch. Prepare to see it all over social media (and atop our personal laundry room shelves).

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