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A bulldozer struck my house and broke the back of an Indian Muslim. Do you have world care?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Muslim in the undeclared Hindu state of India. .. To be constantly humiliated, insulted, and brutal. Destroy your soul by the nation. And sometimes your home too.

From our faith and history to our diet and clothing, the Hindu supremacists who dominate India today are spared nothing in their campaign against our community. did. During the eight years of the Narendra Modi administration, they have brought a sledgehammer to the worldly foundation of our country by routinely finding new ways to target us. Last month they brought a bulldozer to my house.

In late May, a national spokeswoman for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the ruling party of Modi, made a derogatory remark about the Prophet Muhammad in a live broadcast. India, and the Muslims far beyond that, were indignant. Shortly thereafter, on June 10, Muslims in some parts of India protested after Friday prayer. One such protest took place in my town, Prayagraj (formerly Prayagraj), where it snowballed violence. Rapid police crackdowns continued, with arbitrary arrests and detentions of Muslims throughout the city.

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My family is brutal due to the arbitrary and illegal detention of my father, a community leader and rights activist. I realized that I was on the receiving side of state power. Police picked up my mother and sister from home at midnight without an arrest warrant and, in violation of all detention rules, had them sit at the police station for more than 35 hours. City officials and police then expelled the family from their homes and slammed an old notice on our gates on the night of June 11, claiming that the building was illegally constructed and would be demolished the next day. The house was suddenly labeled "illegal" even after we always paid all relevant taxes and cleaned up all property documents. This government action was apparently triggered by complaints from three neighbors, "Respected People".

Indian paramilitary soldiers Watch from behind a bolted iron gate while a Muslim-owned store is being demolished in the northwestern Jahangirpuri district of New Delhi on April 20, 2022, guarded as a resident. ..

Altaf Qadri / AP

In this way, our home became known as "bulldozer justice" in India. Now it's part of the familiar pattern. This is how it works. The government links Muslims to tragic "crimes" such as participation in protests, then blames them for violence and destroys their homes. Earlier this year, during a Hindu festival, sword-wielding Hindu militants marched into Islamic neighborhoods in many cities, showing obscene attitudes to speakers in front of mosques during Ramadan. Launched attacks targeting Muslim homes and businesses. Police also blamed Muslims for anxiety, arrested hundreds of innocent Muslims, including minors, and destroyed their homes with bulldozers. Of course, there are no legal provisions for the demolition of such private property, even if it turns out that the individual is actually involved in the act of violence. But that doesn't matter. The overall idea is to demonstrate that Muslims are not legally protected in Hindu states. We are not equal citizens.

Since our house was demolished, my dad has been in jail and on TV. Our faces are filled with prime-time debates, and Anchor weaves stories about our lives and activism, forges conspiracy theories, and calls us "anti-nationals" and jihads. I am under threat of death and rape. Everyone knows what I look like, so I'm afraid to go out in public. I live like a prisoner.

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No Arrest warrant against me. You don't need them anymore. Most of my fellow Islamic student activists in prison were arrested without due process and paperwork. When they go missing, parents may not even know if they were arrested or kidnapped by Hindu militants. Anyway, the line between the two is quickly blurred. As a young Indian Muslim woman who is auctioning us online by ultra-right-wing Hindus, I have to secure myself and my family online and offline, mentally and physically, so I myself Was imprisoned. This is what I am free to do in "the world's greatest democracy." And I am forced to live this way for no apparent reason other than being a Muslim. To make matters worse, candid Muslims.

India's descent to lawlessness

How did India get here? How was i How did my family find themselves in the vortex of India's rapid descent into this lawless majority hole?

I was raising a fairly middle class. My father, my Abu, was a businessman and activist. Despite the limited budget, my mothers, Abbu and Ammi, sent me and my four brothers to the best schools in the city, making us fiercely independent, fearing God, and socially responsible. I took it and raised it as a citizen-oriented citizen. They shouldn't have. These are not the qualities that Hindu supremacists recognize to those who believe they do not deserve equal citizenship guaranteed by our Comprehensive Constitution. We are not intended to claim their religious identity. If we do so, we are called "radicals" or "jihads." For them, we are not intended to be seen or heard, as our very existence is a crime.

In 2017, when I was studying at Aligarh Muslim University, Ajay Sinbisht became Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the state of North India to which I belong. India's largest and most politically important state, with a population of nearly 245 million, more than Brazil, with Muslims accounting for one-fifth. Bisht (commonly known by the name of the Yogi Adityanas monk), the head of a monk representing the more radical wings of Hindu supremeism, is famous for his hate speech and policy towards Islam.

Prime Minister of the State of Uttar Pradesh We will be doing yoga with others to commemorate the International Day of Yoga to be held in Lucknow, India on June 21, 2022.

Rajesh Kumar Singh / AP

{87 My life was changing when Bisht came to power. As the radical Hindu politicsspeeded up, the state's social situation began to deteriorate. Political marginalized Islam began to be culturally marginalized. Place names like Muslims have begun to change. The name of my town was changed from Allahabad during the Mughal Empire to Playagraj.

I was more aware of the threat of existence that our community is currently facing and tried to confront this fraud. I challenged the student union election and was elected president. Using this platform, he opposed the hatred of Bisht and the growing threat to Islam throughout India. The ugly right-wing retaliation I faced only made me more determined to push me back. As a student leader, I was called a patriarchal "free-thinking", "modern" Islamic woman. But everyone chose to ignore the identity I was really trying to claim most, the Indian Muslim identity. I started wearing the hijab and claimed to be a Muslim woman in a space that I felt unwelcome or stereotyped everything I expressed.

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My activity broke out in 2019 against the newCitizenship Actthat discriminates against IslamNational protestI faced it head-on. Like many Islamic student leaders, I faced media trials from shamelessly biased television channels, the main vector of hatred in India. They misrepresented my speech and named me a separatist.

Many of my friends were arrested and Muslims were killed in acountry-sponsored pogromorganized in the capital to thwart protests. In responding to theviolenceagainst nonviolent civil rights protests by Islam, the state delivered a clear message to us. Even the mere exercise of constitutional rights is beyond our boundaries. Muslims have no rights.

When the pandemic occurred, the protests were stopped. Our (now demolished) home has become a food distribution center, distributing monthly distributions to those who were hungry during the 2020 Covid blockade. People in the business of distributing hatred worked hard as well. Virus epidemic in India. Hatred for us outweighs all rationality, so the government has made the community a scapegoat to escape accountability.

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And every week, new frontiers of attacks on Islam, new tricks of Hindu Supremacist playbooks, new anger, new fears.Thus, this year's Ramadan felt like a blissful familiar break from the slow-consuming toxicities of the community, but it was too good to last. The violent Hindu procession has begun, and violence, crackdowns and arbitrary demolition of Muslim homes and institutions have increased. From time to time, Abu suffered from sleep and felt helpless in the heightened hatred. He continued to fight back in the way he knew best — he filed petitions and complaints with the judiciary and police.

Islamic women in 2022 Support for Islamic activist Afreen Fatima in Kolkata on June 15th. A spokeswoman on Facebook appealed constructively to anger and pray for the community. After the prayer on Friday the 10th of June, protests continued anyway. Further crackdown. More demolition. However, this time, literally "bulldozer justice" is back. They destroyed our house and aired it live. The ruling BJP media allies were delighted with this latest show of collective punishment against Islam.

I don't know what's happening to Abu during police detention, the court struggle we're facing despite knowing how endangered state agencies are I'm getting ready, and I've never been good night again. It has been punished. The condition of innocence, anxiety, fragility, and having to prove pain is itself a punishment. For being a Muslim in Modi's India. Does the world know our way of life? Do you care?

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