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Burger King employees who haven't missed a day for 27 years receive a $ 300,000 donation after receiving a small gift

A Las Vegas burger king employee who has been working for the company for 27 years without a break, after the manager gave him a gift of mediocre service. I got a virus — and now I've raised nearly $ 300,000 for him. 

Kevin Ford, 54, has been struggling as a cashier and cook at the location of the chain's McCarran International Airport since 1995, and when he celebrated his 27th anniversary, his The boss gave him a backpack packed with movie tickets. Starbucks Cup, Candy, Chocolate,FOX11 reported

The video he received the gift and thanked his colleagues quickly became a hot topic, but many who saw the clip were shocked. .. 

His daughters immediately launched the GoFundMe pagefor his dad and tried to raise about $ 200, but with nearly $ 300,000 in donations. And the number is increasing. 

"The guy in the video is my father. He has been working for 27 years and yes, he never missed a day's work," Ford said. Daughter Serena writes about fundraising activities. 

"He originally started working in this job as a single father when he was under the control of me and my sister 27 years ago. Then our family When he grew up and he remarried, he continued to work there for the amazing health insurance offered. " 

Serena said the family" never. I wrote that I wasn't asking for money. "But if someone wants to congratulate him, he wants to visit his grandson." 

His wish came true on Tuesday when he jumped out into New York City to appear on NBC's "Today" show and reunited with his live grandson on television. 

I hadn't seen my grandchildren for more than four years until the other day when "Today's Show" took me to New York and watched them live on TV. I told Ford Outlet. 

Kevin Ford

"I've been crying all this time and of course I Seeing my grandson again and crying live on TV. " 

Ford has no plans to retire or take a vacation for the money raised for him. He said he was focusing only on his family. 

"You don't know, it's every day, but with that money, except that I visit my grandchildren for a while and maybe put up with some for their college. Isn't thinking about anything, but I'm not thinking about it either, he told Outlet. 

"I'm just working."