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California authorities "humanely euthanize" 143 roosters after a cockfighting bust

Authorities disbanded a largecockfightingevent over the weekend and comforted nearly 150 roosters Officials in the Department of Animal Care and Sheriffs, found in a home in Southern California, said they had been forced to die, said officials.

Late Friday, the agent found about 200 people in a residence in the city of Juroppa Valley, "evidence of an illegal cockfighting incident and multiple dead or seriously injured birds," said the Riverside County Sheriff's Office. Said in. Statement.

A statement states that an additional 143 birds were found in a cage on the premises about 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

Authorities disband a major cockfighting event over the weekend and euthanize nearly 150 roosters found in a home in Southern California Riverside County Animal Service Department

County Animal Service Department officials gathered all live roosters and humanely said they were forced to do so. Euthanized. This process continued until around 6am. "According to astatementfrom the agency.

" Animal services are unable to adopt precious birds and are mostly The bird must be euthanized because it will return to the cockfighting circle. It is not suitable as a pet. "

Officials said an unidentified man who told authorities he owned a bird for possessing a combat blade used in cockfighting was a misdemeanor. Investigation is ongoing.

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