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California is training the next generation of firefighters – and they are all women

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On the west coast, teenage girls were training to become firefighters, and it didn't come any longer. 

Climate change has helped fuellarge wildfiresacross the country, and fire departments need all the support they can get. And. 

A camper learns how to clamp a fire hose during training exercises at Camp Cinder in Redding, Calif. 

How Campers Clamp Fire Learn Horses during training exercises at Camp Cinder in Redding, California (Fox News)

Just north of Sacramento, the capital Two Hours In California, dozens of teenage girls participated in Camp Cinder, a program sponsored by the California Forest Fire Department.

This program was designed to help young women enter the fire department, which consists primarily of men. 

Evacuation from a wildfire in Arizona, California

"I saw only men, behind my head I thought, this is what I want to do, this is what I know I can do, and I'm doing it here now, "says camper Marisa Lorea, 18, rice field. 

(L-R) Marisa Lorea, 18; Deja Jones, 16; and Alex Watts, 16, are all taking part in the five-day program in Redding, Calif. "As long as you put in the work, you can do it as long as you do your best," Watts said. 

(L-R) Marisa Lorea, 18; Deja Jones, 16; Watts, all 16-year-old Alex Watts are participating in a five-day program in Redding, California.  (Fox News)

According to the National Fire Protection Association, only about 8% of American firefighters are women. 

"The next generation will dominate not only men but also women," Lorea said. 

Teens are trained by almost all female staff. 

"I love this phrase.'If you look at her, you can be her. They're all the female CalFire staff here doing it. "Because I see it," said Katie Mason, captain of the battalion. 

The mobile attack training station allowed the teens to get a hands-on learning experience if there was a wildfire.

Mobile Attack Training Station Allowed Teens Get a hands-on learning experience in the event of a wildfire. (Fox News)

Mason joined the fire brigade at the age of 18 and has been working for over 10 years. 

"They can do that. It's It's a tough job. It's very difficult and you have to be devoted and devoted, but it's possible, "she explained.

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Deja Jones, 16 years old, becomes a firefighter He said the journey to was personal. Her house was burned down by a wildfirefive years ago. 

"I won't let others do it ... that's my worst horror — someone has to experience the pain of losing everything like I do. See, "Jones said. 

A female instructor explains to the teen students how to use a fire shelter in case of an emergency. 

Female instructor becomes a teenage student I will explain how to use the fire protection shelter in an emergency.  (Fox News)

A five-day camp for teenslifesaving techniquesand how to fight fire Forefront to train both. 

"I can do as much as they do. For example, I'm small so I'll do it differently, but you understand it and you can. I'll do my best, "said Alex Watts, a 16-year-old camper. 

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Scholarship to {every time the camper finishes the program You can apply for money. 134} Fund their firefighting educationin the future.