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00:00 Chloe Kim And Jimmy Fallon Photobomb Unsuspecting Olympics Fans
00:00 The Latest: New bombardment kills 13 Syrian capital suburb
00:00 'We can't just stop breathing': A global scandal, made in Germany
00:00 Tears, boos and tense exchanges on day of confrontation over guns
00:00 Ellen DeGeneres Tested Bill Gates With A Grocery Game. Clearly He Doesn't Shop.
00:00 EU leaders prepare life without Britain, mull future ties
00:00 What's it like to be your country's only competitor at the Winter Olympics?
00:00 The Frat House of Representatives
00:00 Why George Washington’s rules matter more than ever today
00:00 One Year In, DNC Turnaround Has A Long Way To Go
00:00 Pot smoking vs. spousal abuse: Security clearance double standard alleged
00:00 Complaints About Nursing Home Evictions Rise, and Regulators Take Note
00:00 As Washington Gears Up To Tackle Foreign Influence, How Effective Can It Be?
00:00 David Bowie 'struggled for years' to tell the story of Ziggy Stardust guitarist Mick Ronson, says filmmaker
00:00 Shopper trying to pass off veal as fruit at self check-out lands in jail
00:00 Tweeters Rip 'Zombie' Donald Trump Over 'Listening Session' Cheat Sheet
00:00 DC settles lawsuit in fatal police shooting for record $3.5M
00:00 Suicide bomber attacks US embassy in Montenegro
00:00 Michael Schur and Amy Poehler Want the NRA to Stop Using GIFs from Parks and Recreation
00:00 Teachers Slam Trump’s Call For More Guns In Schools: ‘Are You F**king Insane?’
00:00 Rugby Intends to Earn its Place in the Sun at the Third Edition of the African Youth Games
00:00 Conservative clash over Trump sets stage for CPAC gathering
00:00 NRA Tweeted A GIF Of Amy Poehler. She Told Them To ‘F**k Off.’
00:00 Threats Against Schools Increase Since Florida Shooting
00:00 North Korea Is Sending a Senior Delegation to the Olympics Closing Ceremony
00:00 Murder charge filed in fallout from video that shows nurses laughing as dying WWII vet struggles for air
00:00 In Praise of the Women of U.S. Hockey, Who Really Hate Canada and Really Deserved a Gold Medal
00:00 How Carly Pearce went from cleaning Airbnbs to becoming country music's next big thing
00:00 From the Archives: Patty Hearst arrives at the Hall of Justice
00:00 Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Donald Trump Jr. For Perpetuating Florida Shooting Conspiracies
00:00 Duterte ‘Is No Autocrat’: The Philippines Hits Back at U.S. Intelligence Claims
00:00 North Korea's new Olympics delegation to be led by man blamed for deadly ship attack
00:00 Sharing stories of miscarriage helps women grieve, fight for change
00:00 Former slam dunk champion ‘excited’ to be a Knick
00:00 Florida Sheriff Rebukes NRA Spokeswoman Who Claims She's 'Fighting' For Shooting Survivors
00:00 Merck launches their Merck Foundation in The Gambia in partnership with The First Lady of The Gambia
00:00 Voices from Syria's former oasis: 'They will die, one by one'
00:00 New York Daily News Reveals Who Really Silences Trump
00:00 North Korea's new Olympics delegation led by man blamed for deadly ship attack
00:00 Delta passengers endure nearly 12-hour delay before flight is canceled: report
00:00 Smoke bomb intended to scare skunks sets house on fire
00:00 U.S. beats Canada in shootout to win gold in women’s hockey
00:00 Trump Jr. ripped for 'liking' conspiracy theories on Parkland survivors
00:00 At CNN Town Hall, Sen. Marco Rubio Declines To Say He Won't Take NRA Money
00:00 US beat Canada to take Women's Ice Hockey Gold for first time since 1998
00:00 North Korea to send high-level delegation to Olympics closing ceremony
00:00 Procession, funeral planned for the Rev. Billy Graham
00:00 U.S. women end Canada's streak to win hockey gold in shootout at 2018 Winter Olympics
00:00 U.S. women end Canada's streak to win hockey gold in shootout at 2018 Winter Olympics
00:00 Chris Evans Shreds Right-Wing 'Pile Of Trash' Who Mocked School Shooting Survivors
00:00 Rubio grilled by Parkland shooting students, parent
00:00 U.S. Pulls off Shootout Victory Over Arch Rival Canada to Win Women’s Hockey Gold
00:00 Should Parkland shooter get death penalty?
00:00 Swastikas scratched into cars in Brooklyn
00:00 Shiffrin, Vonn miss out on gold in the Olympics alpine combined
00:00 Venezuelans are starving amid economic crisis, food shortages
00:00 Lindsey Vonn fails to finish, Shiffrin takes silver in alpine combined
00:00 Mikaela Shiffrin takes silver in Alpine combined while Lindsey Vonn fails to medal
00:00 Shock as Marcel Hirscher crashes out of slalom, Sweden's Myhrer wins gold
00:00 Hand Grenade Thrown At U.S. Embassy In Montenegro, Attacker Killed
00:00 US women’s hockey defeats Canada in shootout to win Olympic gold
00:00 2018 Winter Olympics: U.S.-Canada cliffhanger for women's hockey gold
00:00 Who is NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch?
00:00 Security camera confusion reportedly let school shooter roam free after massacre
00:00 ‘Pathetically Weak.’ Florida Shooting Survivors and Families Confront Marco Rubio Over Gun Control
00:00 Billy Graham's nephew isn't mourning his passing
00:00 Florida Shooting Survivors Face Down The NRA And Politicians, Vow To Keep Fighting
00:00 Nets determined to make Russell-Dinwiddie pairing work
00:00 Students said 'wake up' and America is finally listening
00:00 Police: Narcotics officers hit armed man in gunfire exchange
00:00 A big night for NBC, led again by Lindsey Vonn
00:00 Inmate who raped, killed pregnant woman seeks stay of execution in Texas
00:00 Marco Rubio and N.R.A. Jeered on Gun Stance
00:00 North Korean cheerleader accidentally claps for the Americans, report says
00:00 Vice President Mike Pence visits the Texas-Mexico border
00:00 Florida shooting survivors rip Rubio to shreds in town hall Q&A
00:00 For decades Graham offered counsel and comfort to presidents
00:00 Survivor to Rubio: 'Why do we have to march ... to save innocent lives?'
00:00 Ex-employee sues Google over firing, charging discrimination
00:00 Swingers club in Florida being sued in connection with fatal crash
00:00 Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Syria, Champions League: Your Thursday Briefing
00:00 6 things Marco Rubio said at the CNN town hall that made news in the US gun debate
00:00 Dirk Nowitzki ‘disgusted’ by Mavericks workplace allegations
00:00 Hamptons Magazine editor-in-chief steps down
00:00 Lindsey Vonn on chances in Alpine combined: 'Give it hell and maybe I can pull out a miracle'
00:00 Weinstein uses quotes from high-profile female celebrities in his defense
00:00 Trump's right: Obama was asleep at the switch on Russia
00:00 Man burns down home trying to get rid of skunks
00:00 Retired NYC sanitation worker makes $285K a year from pension
00:00 Nets ‘hopeful’ two key banged-up players will return Monday

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00:00 Mau Sunat Tapi Sudah Dewasa? Tak Perlu Khawatir, Ini Kata Dokter
00:00 Missing girls abducted by Boko Haram rescued
00:00 ŽELJKO MITROVIĆ SE OGLASIO POVODOM ODLASKA LEE KIŠ SA TV PINK: Zahvaljujemo joj se na uloženom trudu i zajednički postignutim televizijskim rejtinzima!
00:00 Facebook ja Instagram kaatuivat: sivusto ja sovellukset eivät päivity
00:00 Ini 3 Pesan Wiranto Kepada Kader Hanura
00:00 მერიის რეფორმა - ასაკოვან ბიბლიოთეკარებს საპატიო წიგნის მცველებად დაასაქმებენ
00:00 Ростуризм призвал туроператоров прекратить продажу билетов на рейсы Azur Air
00:00 Aseguran que el acto de Moyano fue una muestra de unidad para frenar al Gobierno en 2019
00:00 Jovevski: Rasti i Almirit do të rishikohet
00:00 Kisah Nyata, Perawan Hamil Lima Bulan, Begini Cerita Lengkapnya
00:00 Сайт Facebook обрушился в России
00:00 Бывший почтальон с друзьями ограбили пенсионерку в Астрахани
00:00 Pankki huolestui: Pienituloisten perheiden lapset eivät usko koulutukseen
00:00 Житель Кубани умышленно сбил на машине щенков
00:00 PUPR Hentikan Sementara 32 Proyek tol, 3 LRT dan 1 Kereta Api
00:00 Ricchi & Poveri, la rivoluzione fiscale della flat tax: così chi meno ha, meno avrà
00:00 Hockeyallsvenske forwarden till SHL
00:00 В Бишкеке при пожаре пострадал 14-летний подросток
00:00 Que clarão foi esse? Cientistas buscam explicações para mistério no céu da Bahia
00:00 Penganiayaan Ulama, 'Jangan Menganalisis dari Media Sosial'
00:00 Liam Gallagher takes on a group of schoolchildren in hilarious interview where he talks about brother Noel and gives BIZARRE career advice
00:00 Иран свалил на Сирию вину за вторжение беспилотника в Израиль
00:00 Житель Кубани умышленно давил щенков "Приорой"
00:00 Towie’s Jon Clark moves on from doomed romance with Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst to date model Daisy Higgs
00:00 Hoffnung beim FCK: "Wir sind wieder da"
00:00 الديمقراطي الكوردستاني: حان موعد معاقبة قوى قادت لتسليم قلب كوردستان للمحتلين
00:00 Utredning mot Audi växer
00:00 Πάτρα: Σπαραγμός για την Σταυρούλα Φρεμεντίτη – Το τελευταίο μήνυμα στην αδερφή της με 4 λέξεις [pics]
00:00 Facebook kaatunut ympäri maailman
00:00 احتمال وقوع سیل در استان بوشهر/ تیم‌های مدیریت بحران آماده باشند
00:00 Billy Graham to be laid to rest March 2, says family
00:00 Manitoba RCMP respond after student posts photo with a firearm 
00:00 PF deflagra Operação Integração, primeira Lava Jato de 2018
00:00 Директора брянской школы наказали за нарушения в рационе питания детей
00:00 Barclays delivers on dividend despite 2017 disappointment
00:00 Tahiri: Nëse nuk kalon Demarkacioni do t’i dorëzojë pasaportat
00:00 Saša Matić: Moja djeca kriju ko im je otac
00:00 Почему немцы хотят ввести бесплатные автобусы и троллейбусы?
00:00 Вопрос о транзите газа через Украину обсудят на трехсторонних переговорах
00:00 ​Policija uhitila osobu koja se dovodi u vezu s požarima u Salakovcu
00:00 Vogošćani alarmirali policiju: Lopov zatečen u provali
00:00 Карантин по бешенству животных установили на территории Коломны
00:00 Presiden Jokowi berduka cita atas longsor Brebes
00:00 Heated GMB debate over parents nudity in front of children
00:00 A sleep divorce could save your marriage
00:00 Bakıda müəllim qız şagirdinin açıq-saçıq görüntülərini yaydı – ŞOK İDDİA
00:00 Danilo Petrucci ‘Ditendang’ Pramac, Siap Gusur Lorenzo di Ducati
00:00 Анджелина Джоли хочет сотрудничать с Джастином Теру
00:00 UN Working Group follows up on MP Mahloof case
00:00 (foto/video) Prima cantitate impunătoare de substanțe narcotice din acest an: Suspectul este cetățean al României și a fost reținut la vama Leușeni
00:00 Приморье стало лидером ДФО по числу экономических преступлений
00:00 Ketua MPR Minta Polisi Segera Tuntaskan Kasus Novel
00:00 While you were sleeping: Canada is feeling sad after gold-medal loss
00:00 Kočner mal vypovedať o miliónovej zmenke, súd však evakuovali pre bombový poplach
00:00 Eduskunnan työjärjestyksen uudistus jämähti epäselvyyksiin – Kansanedustajaa voisi uhata tietovuodosta jopa vankeustuomio
00:00 Eduskunnan työjärjestyksen uudistus jämähti epäselvyyksiin – Kansanedustajaa voisi uhata poliittisesta vuodosta jopa vankeustuomio
00:00 MUHC symposium celebrates 70th anniversary of first artificial kidney in Montreal, at the Royal Victoria Hospital
00:00 Dc Coronie stelt burgers gerust: vuil leidingwater wordt aangepakt
00:00 «شب شاهنامه نقالان» برگزار می‌شود
00:00 JUST IN: Buhari presides over Council of State meeting
00:00 Ersatztermine stehen fest - Frohe Kunde für alle Helene-Fans
00:00 Aduana Stars coach elated with Champions League qualification
00:00 Nutrición: ¿qué cuidados específicos debe tener un celíaco en su alimentación?
00:00 В многоэтажном доме по ул. Гоголя в Бишкеке произошел пожар, пострадал 14-летний подросток (фото, видео)
00:00 Рост тарифов на газ: Дискуссия с МВФ "находится в горячей стадии"
00:00 Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal evoke the spirit of Leonard Cohen in Dance Me
00:00 В Генштабі заявили про завершення АТО
00:00 Nama Penyebar Isu Teror Terhadap Ulama Sudah Diincar Polisi
00:00 Wakil PM Barnaby Joyce Hadapi Tuduhan Pelecehan Seksual
00:00 Salió a pescar cangrejos y fue devorado por un cocodrilo
00:00 Госдума поддержала законопроект об уточнении понятия «иностранный инвестор»
00:00 Минобороны предложило брата Ковальчука сделать главой нового технополиса
00:00 Yhdistetyn hiihto-osuus käynnissä, Hannu Manninen ankkuriosuudella – IS seuraa olympiatapahtumia
00:00 Kidnappere tvang gravid kvinde til at ryge joint
00:00 “Πέφτει” η απόδοση των ομολόγων μετά την αναβάθμιση από τη Moody’s
00:00 La Orhei va fi majorat cu 55% numărul de măturători
00:00 В ломбарды Запорожья сбывали поддельные изделия из золота (ФОТО)
00:00 Oscars : quelles stars vont remettre des prix lors du grand soir ?
00:00 Растежът на Великобритания беше ревизиран към понижение
00:00 Улюблений письменник дітлахів повернеться на батьківщину своїх предків
00:00 ON-LINE: Štafetový závod biatlonistek rozjíždí Puskarčíková
00:00 The Cauliflower: Australian Rugby 2018 Power Rankings
00:00 Что такое миеломная болезнь
00:00 Cô gái Hải Phòng xinh đẹp tham gia hội thi đấu vật làng
00:00 "Güləhməd" komediya filminin qala-gecəsi keçiriib - FOTO
00:00 Macedónci si udobrujú Grékov: Odstraňujú diaľničné tabule s názvom Alexandra Veľkého
00:00 “Raison garder” de Leïla Aslaoui
00:00 Синоптики обещают 10 градусов тепла
00:00 Rasul: Siapa yang ingin Melihat Penduduk Surga...

California’s Winds and Wildfires Have Pushed the Alert System Into Uncharted Territory: Purple